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FabDigital triumph at the National Rail Awards

Rail software experts FabDigital, sister company to 3Squared and part of the Velociti Group, have celebrated industry wide acknowledgement through its collaboration with Southeastern Railway, after the train operating company secured the coveted ‘Customer Service Excellence’ prize at the National Rail Awards.

The award recognises the work that FabDigital have undertaken with Southeastern Railway through its Dynamic Route Map (DRM) and Southeastern Customer Information System (SEIMS). Combined, these tools provide the technology backbone to deliver clear, accurate and up-to-date customer information, enabling Southeastern’s passengers to be kept well informed on operational updates.

FabDigital provides a range of high-quality software products that offer real time and accurate travel information in easy to navigate digital formats to Train Operating Companies (TOCs) across the UK. Its live timetabling and tracking applications seamlessly integrate with clients’ websites, improving efficiency, streamlining customer communications, and reducing administrative burdens.

Earlier this year saw the bringing together of FabDigital with 3Squared within the Velociti Group family. The Velociti Group are delighted to see its new acquisition is as highly regarded by the rail community, as it is by the management team at 3Squared.

Stewart Wells, Senior Project Manager at FabDigital, said: “SEIMS and DRM have been in development for several years, and we feel that they truly are innovative solutions to a wide range of industry problems, and a shining example of collaboration between supplier and customer. To have this independently recognised by the judges through Southeastern’s win at the National Rail Awards is marvellous.”

“Working with Southeastern has always been a pleasure. We look forward to continuing this relationship and further developing our products, that are designed to continuously evolve and always be built upon.”

Martine Dodwell-Bennett, Divisional Director at Velociti Group, commented: “It is fantastic to see Southeastern and FabDigital win big at this year’s National Rail Awards. FabDigital’s innovative solutions have been making waves across the rail industry and it is great to see them, alongside Southeastern, get the recognition they very much deserve, particularly in the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ category.”

To find out more information about our sister company, please visit:

FabDigital –

‘The Future of Freight’ – 3Squared launch insightful whitepaper

The proliferation of rail freight in recent years is not to be underestimated. The Rail Delivery Group estimates that rail freight contributes £2.45bn to the economy each year. Logistics is one of the largest sectors worldwide, worth $8.43 trillion in 2021 as a vital mode of transport for moving commodities on behalf of practically every part of the UK economy daily.

To showcase the increasing importance of freight and the intrinsic role that technology will inevitably play in its evolution, 3Squared have published a whitepaper with input from industry leaders, such as Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General at the Rail Freight Group (RFG) and Nick Graham, Head of External Networks at Eddie Stobart amongst others, to highlight this further.

The publication of the whitepaper follows on from an exclusive PathPlanner launch event 3Squared held earlier this week at the Port of Southampton. Utilising 7 years of historical data and a powerful machine learning algorithm, PathPlanner has been created with the potential opportunities freight possess in mind. Seeking out unused paths across the network, the system aims to unlock capacity and generate new opportunities for the freight sector to transport more goods sustainably, building on the untapped opportunities the whitepaper unveils. PathPlanner was developed after 3Squared was names as winner in Department for Transport and Innovate UK’s ‘First of a Kind’ (FOAK) Competition for innovation in freight.

“Speaking to industry experts has really helped to cement our learnings when developing our revolutionary PathPlanner tool. The whitepaper underscores the importance of responsive planning techniques for enhancing service and customer confidence in the freight network. We are truly excited about PathPlanner’s potential impact on the freight industry, and the wide-ranging benefits it can bring to the sector.” Jason Durk, Principal Consultant

Download the white paper 

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An insight into 3Squared’s RailSmart Virtual Campus

As we prepare to launch a new version of our RailSmart Virtual Campus Learning Management System (LMS), we’ve taken the time to pause and explore what the importance of an LMS is, understand the benefits such a system provides and how RailSmart users can reap the many benefits of a modern LMS.

What is a Learning Management System?

In essence, a learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of courses, programmes, materials or learning and development programme.  LMS’ have faced a huge surge in usage since the shift to remote working post pandemic.

LMS’ provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing unnecessary administrative burdens, to improving accessibility and adapting to the modern ways of working, which many of us are becoming accustomed to and empower businesses to provide enhanced training and development for their learners.

There are two types of LMS users – administrators and learners. Administrators are responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a range of tasks including course management, assigning specific learner groups to specific learner plans, and more.

Learners are on the receiving end of learning initiatives. Learners who have access to an LMS can view their course information, complete assigned courses and evaluations and measure their own progress. The optimum LMS solution ensures that this access has a streamlined user journey, that is accessible and easy to use.

An effective LMS offers a range of uses from customer training to employee onboarding and development, through to compliance training and more. This combined with an accessible, user-friendly experience, makes it a sensible decision to instil and integrate an effective learning management system within your business.

Making the switch

To capitalise on the benefits 3Squared are set to launch a new version of RailSmart Learning Management System using SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS leader Docebo’s Learn platform. There are many reasons behind the refresh, with the primary driver being the provision of a much better user experience and enhanced customisation for clients and end users.

The new system is much more flexible for different learning paths based on various roles and provides mobile and offline modes, enhancing accessibility. The new LMS also provides robust and detailed management reporting, reducing administrative burdens and onerous tasks.

Unique ‘gamification’ and social learning opportunities also exist within the revamped platform. There is also the scope for a seamless embedded user experience available to managers with access to RailSmart Employee Development System (EDS), who will be able to directly access information from the LMS within EDS. There is also the option for users to provide automated assignments and reminders to learners and through its technology, give enhanced support to EDS customers for usually laborious processes such as user provisioning.

Finally, the new solution is backed by a market leading content library that allows clients to choose from a range of over 20,000 courses across a wide range of subject categories.

If you would be interested in finding out more information about how the RailSmart Virtual Campus LMS can support you, get in touch with Jason Greig today via [email protected].

Fostering a greener, digital railway of the future

EDS, 3Squared's Competency Management solution

Rail Professional, Issue 295, September 2023 

3Squared’s overarching goal is to ‘Make.Change.Work.’ With over two decades of experience in the industry, they understand the rail sector and have the ability to implement solutions that have a positive impact on the rail network’s day-to-day.

Learn more about how 3Squared are doing this in the recent edition of Rail Professional, on page.121 here:


3Squared Parent Company Rebrands as Velociti Group

Velociti launch graphic.

Velociti launch graphic.

3Squared are delighted to announce today, that UK-based EPM Transport Solutions, transport technology specialists and parent company of EPM Bus Solutions, Omnibus Solutions, 3Squared, and FabDigital has announced it has rebranded to Velociti Group.

The rebranding is an exciting step in establishing a brand-new identity for the group which reflects its aim to better communicate its purpose to deliver innovative software and specialist consultancy to power public transportation.

With the future at the forefront of the groups overarching purpose, the Velociti Group have illustrated their ambitions with the message ‘The Future. Accelerated.’ The new group identity embodies a dynamic, agile and energetic approach, bringing a fresh new enthusiasm and ambition to the rail and bus transport sectors.

The group’s businesses will continue to provide pioneering technology and a first-class approach to implementation that can help solve industry challenges and drive the transport sector forward in a way that creates an improved and greener future for customers, operators, and infrastructure owners.

Ian Churchill, CEO at Velociti Group, commented: “We are delighted to launch Velociti Group, a new name and vibrant identity that effectively embodies us as a group and our aim for the transport sector. Velociti Group encompasses a wealth of heritage and ambition from across the rail and bus sectors and we are pleased to reflect this in our new brand.”

“Velociti Group companies will continue to operate as individual entities while the new Group identity will bring them together as a collective, with the combined aim of creating a better future for forward-thinking businesses seeking to improve outcomes in rail and bus transport.”

To find out more about The Velociti Group please visit: Home – Velociti Group (

Meet the Team | Claire Booth, Head of Customer Support

Graphic with photo of Claire Booth.

In this month’s ‘Meet the team’ feature, we caught up with Claire Booth, Head of Customer Support at 3Squared, to discuss all things customer service and the intrinsic part it plays within the wider business, interconnecting across all departments. Read more on Claire’s insight into life at 3Squared, below:

What is your favourite aspect of working at 3Squared?

“The people, the culture and the software are really interesting. It also turns out I’m a bit of a train enthusiast!”

Claire Booth, Head of Customer Support

Can you tell us about your day-to-day as Head of Customer Support?

“I always start the day with two cups of coffee! I work with a team of second- and third-line Software Support Analysts to solve customer business-as-usual issues, relating to the suite of products and services 3Squared provides. This involves engaging and co-ordinating with our Customer Success Team and with Product Owners, Business Analysts, Delivery/Project Managers and Development and QA teams.

“I manage and monitor the team’s work and tickets in our helpdesk system assisting them with anything that I can, and leading them to resolve customer issues, be they useability or data related problems. There is also the occasional software bug that we replicate and send to our development team for resolution.

“I work with the rest of the Senior Management Team to manage the business and coordinate the work between all the teams in 3Squared and the wider Velociti Group.

“I also work on continual improvement within the team and alongside colleagues to enhance the services we provide to our customers, exploring ways that work the best for them.”

Since joining 3Squared in 2021, do you have any highlights that have stood out?

“Winning the Encouraging Word Award for 2022 at our Christmas celebration was definitely an honour. I have also enjoyed the introduction of Choo-Chew Tuesdays, where we all bring in food items for a big “picnic” in the kitchen every month.

“Encouraging the business to arrange Lunch and Learn Sessions, which I was involved with in a previous company, has also been a particular highlight. These are now a regular feature with a big attendance in the office (drawn in by the free food!) and a range of interesting guests and discussion topics.”

What have you learnt since joining 3Squared?

“I’ve learnt that I’m not quite the same as all the rest and that’s a good thing. I’m in my own world, but it’s OK, they all know me here!

“I’ve also learnt to be a better delegator than I was before I came to 3Squared, making sure I’m not a barrier to things getting done. Whilst we have a small team, we all have a good understanding of what we have going on. I make sure everything is documented so that our knowledge is shared, and this gives us more time to become more proactive and operate effectively as a team.”

Do you have advice for those looking to follow a similar career path?

“Don’t be afraid to learn new things. Try and learn something new every day.

“Make sure you enjoy working with people and treat them with respect, even if they don’t like you or the message you have to convey. This goes for the well-being and management of your team and looking after customers alike.

“Learn to write and speak in a way that is not patronising – finding ways to explain things or ask questions that makes the receiver feel knowledgeable is a required skill. Don’t be afraid to say, “I don’t know, however, I can find out for you”. Customers prefer honesty in all things.”

You’re involved in the Big Rail Diversity Challenge. Can you tell us why diversity is important and what this means to you?

“Across both the software and rail industries, diversity is a challenge. It is important that we encourage people of all ages, faiths, ethnicities, and genders to become part of these largely male-dominated industries (sorry guys!) as the work is interesting and challenging no matter who you are. The better the blend of people, the more interesting everyone’s work life is.

“I’m a 54-year-old woman – so I know that the Big Rail Diversity Challenge is going to be challenging and push me out of my comfort zone. I am looking forward to hopefully bringing a prize home for 3Squared.”

Thanks for sharing your insight into life at 3Squared, Claire. If you would be interested in learning more information about how you could join the 3Squared team, visit our careers page here.

3Squared parent company acquires FabDigital

Today EPM Transport Solutions has, with the support of Literacy Capital, completed the acquisition of FabDigital to drive further digital transformation and enhanced communications in the UK rail industry.

This strategic acquisition sees EPM further strengthen its Rail Division, adding a new range of solutions alongside those already provided by leading transport software business 3Squared, also part of EPM.

FabDigital provides a range of high-quality software products that offer real time and accurate travel information in easy to navigate digital formats to Train Operating Companies across the UK. Its live timetabling and tracking application seamlessly integrates with clients’ websites, improving efficiency, streamlining customer communications and reducing administrative burdens.

Ian Churchill, CEO at EPM Transport Solutions, commented: “We are pleased to unveil the news of our acquisition of FabDigital. We have long admired FabDigital’s software solutions which will help build out the offering in our already successful rail division.  We believe that this partnership will add a new element to our rail technology offering, strengthening our capabilities, enabling both businesses to expand their expertise and support the rail industry further in its mission to further digitalise and innovate.”

Rachael Woods, founder of FabDigital, said:  “Our vision at FabDigital has always been to create intelligent tools for the industry, resulting in consistent, quality, customer focused journey information. Joining EPM Transport Solutions is an exciting opportunity for our business. Together we can share best practice, promote sustainability and accessibility, and build on our expertise as we continue to support digital transformation in the UK transport industry.”

3Squared’s media insights, Spring 2023

Media insights graphic with photo of Head of Customer Success Martin Gleadow.

Media insights graphic with photo of Head of Customer Success Martin Gleadow.

As we reach the six-month mark of 2023, we are taking the time to reflect on the rail industry’s top headlines. Alongside long-running themes such as innovation, technology, and infrastructure milestones, we’ve also seen a focus on wellbeing and sustainability.

After a busy few months, our Head of Customer Success, Martin Gleadow, explores the news stories making the headlines in the rail industry:

“Back in March, Britain’s Transport Secretary, Mark Harper, announced that Derby will be the home of Great British Railways (GBR). It was revealed that the city scored the highest in terms of the six key criteria:

  • levelling up
  • connectivity
  • opportunities for GBR
  • value for money
  • heritage
  • public support

“Derby also scored highest in the public vote, garnering a total of 45,600 votes – 5,000 more than second place. The Government emphasised the important role of the GBR HQ in the GBR reforms, reporting that it will act as a hub and will serve as the single point of accountability for the performance of the railway.

“Another industry milestone was reached this year, with London North Eastern Railway (LNER) marking their hundredth year. The operator came into existence in 1923, through the merger of several companies and was born following the Railways Act of 1921. Since then, LNER has overseen the east coast rail network. We’re pleased to have worked with LNER over the last seven years, and look forward to the next one hundred!

“Innovation and technology have always been a critical focus in the press. Interestingly, the Government released a new report Transport data strategy: innovation through data which particularly resonated with us at 3Squared. We look forward to seeing how the Department for Transport (DfT) will collaborate with the industry to harness the value of data and technology. Additionally, we’re excited to share more about technology, data, and insights on digitalisation and rail freight at June’s Multimodal event, where our Head of Customer Success, Martin Gleadow, will be speaking on a panel alongside other experts, including Maggie Simpson from Rail Freight Group.

“In terms of major infrastructure projects, HS2’s milestones have been in the headlines. From this year, the project will hit peak construction, with a workforce of over 34,000, so major project milestones will continue on the Phase One main works. In April, the third tunnelling machine was launched for further digging under London.

“The project has supported businesses across the West Midlands and beyond, with recent headlines reporting a £1.7 billion boost to the area. Recent reports reveal that an impressive £13.4 million has been awarded to community projects through the HS2 fund since 2017. HS2 also reached a sustainability-focused milestone in May, moving 10 million tonnes of material by rail. Through our work with SCS JV on HS2, our BulkSmart technology has contributed to the transportation of materials by rail – a more sustainable mode than road.

“Speaking of sustainability, with Earth Day and World Environment Day recently, social value has also reached the headlines. It’s been reported that sustainability will be taking a more prominent role as part of Network Rail’s Control Period 7 strategy. Plans include a £290 million investment in decarbonisation including a proposal to transition the organisation’s road fleet to electric vehicles. It also outlines a commitment to improve recycling and waste management, seeing Network Rail invest £17 million in this area.

“Not only has social value in the sector been in the headlines, but wellbeing in the rail industry has also been highlighted. A new Samaritans report brought attention to this issue and called for increased support for railway workers’ mental health. Samaritans revealed that “more than half of staff (57%) continued working despite experiencing a change in their mental health that impacted their ability to carry out their job, and 44% said they didn’t seek any support.”

“Work wellbeing is essential for any industry, and tied to this is equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). June marks Pride Month and we’ve already seen organisations like LNER and Network Rail launching Pride Month campaigns. This month, LNER revealed a new Azuma train celebrating pride. In our work to support EDI in our team and the wider industry, we are thrilled to get involved with this month’s Big Rail Diversity Challenge. Find out more about the ‘RailBlazers’ team and the challenge on our blog.

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Driving innovation in the rail freight sector

Container boxes in yard.

Inside Rail Freight 2022 by BDG Media – Issuu (p.20) ‘Driving the future of freight through innovation’

The aftermath of the pandemic means more individuals are working remotely and there has been a bigger increase in online shopping, resulting in more deliveries. Consequently, a higher number of freight trains and containers can be implemented, lessening carbon emissions on the road. Essentially, there’s a 76% reduction of emissions per tonne of freight in comparison to road transport and 76 less lorries on the road.

There are several difficulties when identifying alternative freight routes. Road transportation is much more efficient than rail, particularly during an emergency with less containers. There’s less obstructions on the road. The current planning systems of the railway aren’t always effective, which has a considerable impact on the efficiency of freight paths. There’s lower demand for rail transport as freight trains often carry less than their capacity. Additionally, freight scheduling can have a hindrance to the effectiveness of rail transportation, for instance, unused freight paths are often not removed, causing congestion.

The launch and advancement of 3Squared’s PathPlanner shows the determination to increase the usage of freight trains. Furthermore, PathPlanner’s Train Capacity Management means trains can be packed to their capacity if there is space to do so. With this innovation, operators can place containers onto an underloaded freight train within a short period of time.

You can read further details from Inside Rail Freight here:

3Squared at rail tech event Railtex 2023

3Squared at Railtex 2023

We recently attended Railtex –  the UK’s International rail industry exhibition event which sees suppliers and manufacturers from across the rail supply chain come together to showcase the latest advancements in rail tech. As well as exhibiting and demonstrating our flagship product RailSmart, we were also able to attend some of the insightful talks and presentations that took place. We caught up with 3Squared team members, Graham and Jason, to find out their thoughts on the event.

What was your highlight from Railtex 2023?

“The Future Focus Conference – International session with David Fisken, Investment Director at Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) was really informative.

He shared that with a A$155 billion rail investment pipeline over the next 15 years, it’s a great time for UK rail businesses to be looking at opportunities in Australia.

I have already connected on LinkedIn and will be following up with a few questions.” – Jason Greig, Sales and Account Manager

“The opportunity to meet clients, prospects and colleagues and friends in the rail industry – from government organisations, rail professional associations and the press.  All round, a good opportunity to catch up, discuss trends and issues – especially, given the name of the show, about technology driving rail modernisation” – Graham Cooper, Head of Product and Marketing


What was the most interesting thing you learnt at the event? 

“I wasn’t aware that there was so much support available for overseas trade – very interesting to hear and we will certainly be exploring these options.” – Jason Greig


“Our meeting with Milda Manomaityte from the Rail Industry Association (RIA) to discuss data driven rail systems improvement was brilliant.  As a result, I’ve since had a very interesting follow up conversation with colleagues at the Rail Delivery Group to discuss how the Rail Data Marketplace will help solutions developers like 3Squared build better, more relevant products with the potential to further drive digital transformation in rail.” – Graham Cooper

3Squared at Railtex event.

Did you attend Railtex with an aim in mind?

“Yes – my goal was to meet some interesting people and interesting businesses and learn more about what the future of rail technology looks like.” – Graham Cooper


What is your key takeaway from the event?

“That there is no shortage of appetite for the use of technology to improve outcomes for passengers and for freight businesses and operators seeking and deliver more modern, efficient rail processes. A combination of policy initiatives, innovative businesses and passionate people are all pushing towards a brighter future for rail and the role technology can play in delivering that.” – Graham Cooper


All in all, Railtex provided some fruitful conversations with fellow rail peers, and the team came back armed with valuable insights on what the future holds for rail technology. Bring on the next Railtex!

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