No ‘Bored’ Faces at our Treehouse Gaming Social

The 3Squared team are a gregarious bunch and we try to sample the delights of our beloved Sheffield with a company social at least 3 times a year.

The latest venture was held at the Treehouse Café, Sheffield’s first establishment to combine food, drink and board gaming.

We had use of the function room and had the opportunity to play our games of choice, as well as to take part in team activities specially designed for the company’s corporate entertainment evenings.

Expectations for this particular social were high as there are a lot of games fans amongst us, and, the venue certainly didn’t disappoint. There was a large collection of games; comforting and familiar classics, family Christmas staples and also a range of new titles, proving board games are still a thriving industry and a popular pastime across many age groups, as demonstrated by the plethora of similar gaming outfits springing up around the UK.

The Treehouse team (clearly knowledgeable and enthusiastic gamers themselves) took good care of us and designed a series of activities that pitted teams against each other in a competitive battle to test skills such as logic, dexterity and reaction times. The drinks were plentiful in choice and the buffet was a feast of locally made deliciousness.

A roaring success and I’m sure we’ll be back.