Swing Like You’re Winning

Somebody once said “many a business deal has been done on the golf course”. With that in mind it was time for our first staff social of 2016, where we decided a game of mini golf would be the perfect way to mix business with pleasure (and each team certainly meant business with chocolate prizes at stake).

Our team building sessions often involve a competitive element, so we divided into groups and arrived at Paradise Island, some of us aiming to take home the top prize, with the rest of us just hoping we kept the ball on the course.


Paradise Island boasts 2 adventure golf courses of approximately 14,000 square feet over 2 levels. After getting off the boat at the Caribbean Quay, you pass through mysterious sea caves before being marooned on a desert island complete with jungle ruins. Each 3Squared team completed an 18 hole round on one of the courses. It’s fair to say a mixed bag of skills were on display. There were a few fluke hole in ones, but there were some seasoned pros who managed to stay under par for the whole course. For others though, it was a relief that the stroke count stops at 6, regardless of whether you’re into double figures (or in danger of getting locked in at closing time). We then headed over to the arena square pub which acted as our clubhouse where we conducted some post-game analysis over drinks.

A great time was had by all and the winning team managed a particularly impressive average of 42.5, so perhaps a late entry for the Masters at Augusta might be in the post…