3Squared 2023 end of year review – Jason Durk, Principal Transportation Consultant

In the next instalment of our ‘2023 year in review’ content series, we spoke to Jason Durk, Principal Transportation Consultant at 3Squared, to discuss his thoughts on the year gone by.  

Playing a key role in the launch of PathPlanner earlier this year, Jason works closely with the freight sector to help drive innovation forward. Read Jason’s thoughts on how this evolving, and more, below:  

PathPlanner has undoubtedly been a key highlight for 3Squared in 2023. What has the feedback been across the industry to date?  

The industry has been very supportive about what we have done and what we are doing. We developed the new functionality following extensive stakeholder engagement, so have catered for those requirements. 

How will you evolve PathPlanner further in 2024?  

We are currently scoping a couple of trials with Network Rail for them to use PathPlanner in their Capacity and Access Planning teams, with a desire to reduce the manual overhead associated with these tasks and to provide support for their decision-making. These trials are likely to identify enhancements that would further improve PathPlanner’s capabilities, and drive efficiencies in the current processes. So that’s where our focus will be in early 2024. Several enhancements have already been suggested that could feed into that work.  

We will also be working with Network Rail to scope out an operational trial, using the PathSlip function, with one of the routes to help improve performance. This will undoubtedly lead to enhancements in functionality and possibly further integration with other industry systems. 

How receptive has the freight sector been as regards adopting new technologies and innovative solutions?  

The freight community are very adept at introducing technology and innovation to their operations. We have had a positive reception from freight operators, with a keen interest from some to be involved in the trials we are planning with Network Rail. 

What you are you most proud of this year?  

There are so many things we have achieved as a team in 2023, and the development of PathPlanner and the key functions must be up there, along with the acquisition of Fab Digital and onboarding the suite of customer information solutions.  

However, what stands out for me is the work we are doing with Nuclear Transport Solutions (NTS), who we gained as a new client earlier in the year. NTS is on a journey to digitise its operation and being part of that transformation is a privilege. 

Thanks for your time, Jason. If you would like to find out more about how 3Squared can support you with your business needs in 2024, get in touch here