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Learn why our solutions are key to rail supply chain businesses

Solutions for supply chain businesses

We understand the complexities behind the rail industry supply chain and are working with an increasing number of rail supply chain businesses who face many of the same challenges as their counterparts in the passenger and freight sectors.

The agenda for digital transformation is as relevant in the supply chain as it is elsewhere in rail. The RailSmart platform is helping the supply chain modernise processes and demonstrate effective practice to their partners in TOCs, FOCs and elsewhere.

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Collaboration and integration

Rooted at the heart of the industry, collaboration and integration with the rail supply chain, are key to all at 3Squared and this is something that we have prided ourselves on since the beginning of our journey in 2002. Our role is to become a conduit between the industry’s complex and sometimes fragmented functions and to provide solutions that aim to bridge the gaps and make the dream of a digital railway a reality.

Take your supply chain operations to the next level

Through first class implementation of technology, change can be achieved to maximise efficiencies, improve communication, and enable growth.  This is as important in rail supply chain businesses as it is for passenger and freight operators.

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Our solutions will help you to:

  • Enable change to happen in your business and identify opportunities for future growth through our software solutions.
  • Drive efficiencies and streamline operations.
  • Create a solution, through close collaboration, that is tailored to your challenges and provides tools to make a meaningful impact.

Let’s find the innovation best suited to your needs

RailSmart EDS

Proactive competency management & staff development.

RailSmart DFH

Collect data from staff & ensure awareness with secure document communication.

RailSmart IFM

Effective incident management for rail professionals.

RailSmart VC

Deliver and track scalable, online learning experiences with a rail LMS that engages your employees.

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Understand the benefits of improving the approach to competency management in rail supply chain businesses.

Download our helpful guide: ‘The Case for Digitising Competency Management in the Rail Supply Chain.’

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RailSmart EDS - The Case for Digitising Competency Management in the Rail Supply Chain

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Download our 'Case for Digitising Competency Management' Paper.