Our new RailSmart logo to enhance evolving brand identity

3Squared are pleased to share their new RailSmart logo, which helps to align their new brand identity with the drive towards innovation that runs through the heart of the business.

Designed by Patrick Handley, 3Squared’s multi-talented, in-house Graphic Designer, the logo was created with innovation in mind, and forms the cornerstone to the evolution of the RailSmart brand towards a more accessible, relatable and contemporary brand identity. The new logo also aims to reflect 3Squared’s mission to offer a suite of user-friendly software products for today’s modern businesses, offering services which enable them to be safer, greener and more efficient in their business practices.

Within the design, Patrick and the team have placed a significant focus on the lightbulb icon being the main visual element of the logo, as it is widely associated as being a symbol of innovative thinking. The new icon is also bolder and simpler in its design, to make it more recognisable and to improve legibility at small sizes. The app tile element also provides a contrasting backdrop to the bulb icon, to further support legibility and to give the new logo a more contemporary feel, by tying together their new App Brand Colours into a seamless multicolor gradient, which you can see in further detail below:


RailSmart Logo

RailSmart is an innovative suite of web and mobile applications, which aims to improve efficiency and transparency across the rail sector. It has undoubtedly revolutionised the way in which the rail industry and most of the UK rail freight sector is using the software, to streamline and enhance their operations.

Lucy Prior, Business Engagement Director at 3Squared, commented: “It is fantastic to see the ideas and innovation that exist within RailSmart come to life in the new logo. It is important in today’s digital age that we have a brand identity that showcases the forward-thinking and dynamic way in which we operate and support our clients, and we look forward to seeing how the new logo is received by our friends and colleagues from across the industry and getting the 3Squared and RailSmart brands out there, to new and untapped audiences.”

Find out more information about RailSmart here.