3Squared’s Monthly Media Insight, June 2022

As many of those working in the rail industry understand, engaging with what is going on across our sector is key. That is why have introduced a new monthly insights feature, led by Martin Gleadow, Solution Architect at 3Squared, delving into the latest industry news stories and updates, that serve to highlight the fantastic work and innovation that is brewing across our industry. Read Martin’s thoughts on the rather busy month of June, below:  

“Having been in the rail industry for 6 years, it has been fascinating to see its evolution particularly the commitment to innovation and sustainability. This is heavily evident in the past month, from Rail Live coming back in full force to new developments being made, such as the green light for £55 million Scottish Government investment in decarbonisation, which tie in nicely into freight operations and the wider supply chain, highlighting a renewed and evolved focus post pandemic.  

“Innovation and sustainability have been key themes in the media this month. Here at 3Squared, our commitment to a greener rail network has been at our core since our inception in 2002 and it is fantastic to see so many key players from across the industry making new pledges and investments in this area. 

“This can be seen in a diverse range of projects and research, from the new digital signalling that will be used in the Northern City line, to evo-rail’s latest report revealing that to facilitate a modal shift, a key element to reaching the UK’s Net Zero goals, improved internet connectivity is needed on trains, to entice passengers to choose rail over other modes of transport. These all signal a positive and greener future for our industry, and show much more concrete plans, rather than theoretical concepts which can often take longer to implement.  

“June saw no shortage of significant updates from HS2, which 3Squared are proud to play a supporting role in. It was fascinating to learn more about the project’s first ‘Green Tunnel’, which has been designed to blend the high-speed railway into the landscape and reduce disruption for the surrounding communities. This will also assist in improving the long-term sustainability of the project, a positive step to take.   

“It was also good to find out more information about HS2’s new plans for the wetland habitats in and around Birmingham and Fazeley Canal Viaduct. All of this shows the project’s commitment to working with the natural environment to reduce the impact of both the construction and eventual operational running of the line, to work closely with the local community and safeguard its protection going forward.  

“It has been particularly encouraging to see Freight continuing to get a boost too. As part of a new plan from the government, people across the UK will be encouraged to start a new career in logistics as part of a wider strategy to bolster the supply chain and create a more resilient and greener sector. This campaign is one part of the “Future of Freight” Plan, which we discussed in a recent piece with Freight Tracks magazine that you can read here. We are proud to work closely with the freight sector and look forward to seeing these new ideas and strategies bolstering the industry forward, particularly as we move towards the creation of the Great British Railways (GBR).  

“Talking of GBR, earlier this month the call for evidence report, as part of the Whole Industry Strategic Plan from the GBR transition team, was released. The report summarises the insights and evidence of 307 responses, with key focus areas highlighted, including: decarbonisation, accessibility, the need for a strong customer service ethos and financial sustainability, along with the importance of integrating with other transport. It is positive to hear of concrete commitments being made to making a meaningful change in the way in which the railway is managed, and we look forward to seeing how the report will shape and inform the transition going forward.  

“It was also fantastic to attend this month’s Rail Live, covered widely by the trade media. After exhibiting last year, it was great to return as a visitor and connect with our friends and colleagues from across the industry and find out about the latest infrastructure and maintenance projects that are enabling the UK rail network to run safely and efficiently. We look forward to attending in 2023! 

“As many of us working in the sector will understand, there never is a quiet month in the world of rail. We hope you have enjoyed our first monthly industry insight and we look forward to sharing our thoughts with you on the next month.” 

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