Great British RailSmart Day – 29th September 2021

Join us on the 29th September for an informative and interactive session where we will be demonstrating our RailSmart competency management system, EDS: Employee Development System, and showcasing exactly why and how you can benefit from digitalizing this crucial element of caring for and developing your staff.  

The day will feature a number of specific sections, each will provide invaluable content in their own right, and as a whole will help you understand how you could benefit as an individual or an organization from the application of EDS in your working environment.  

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Session one: What is competency management and why do you need it?  


Competency management systems (CMSs) provide a framework and process through which an organisation manages health and safety in the workplace by ensuring that the requisite number of staff possess, maintain and review the necessary competencies at all levels.  

In this session we will discuss the benefits of introducing a digital CMS and how the proactive measurement of people’s competencies drives health and safety, and organisational efficiency.  

Securing competence and development of staff at all levels is a crucial element of simultaneously embedding and securing a culture that proactively manages safety, by making health and safety everybody’s business.  

We will conclude this session with a high-level overview of EDS.  Focusing on the principal elements of the system we will demonstrate how individual employees and managers are enabled to track and progress throughout competency cycles which underpin and enhance organisational efficiency and promote a culture in which everyone understands the role they play in their own and their team’s health and safety  

Session two: EDS for rail professionals, a deeper dive  


According to the ORR* organisations “need an effective system for managing competence to help make sure that their staff have the appropriate skills [so] workers, supervisors, managers and directors have and keep the appropriate skills, helps ensure those members of staff make safe decisions and carry out their work safely, reducing the risks to themselves and to other people.”  

In this session we will take a much deeper look into EDS, and show you how organisations across the rail community and supply chain use EDS to do exactly what the ORR recommends. Citing use cases from across signalling, rolling stock manufacture and maintenance and train operations we will demonstrate the positive impact and benefit that EDS has provided to our clients. This will specific element of the day will show you how EDS can provide a consistent CMS framework that suits all organisations, whilst providing the necessary personalisation to ensure that your own unique use cases can be accommodated.  


Here at 3Squared, we are proud to count over 25000 individuals as users of our Employee Development System, EDS. EDS is a competency management system that sits at the heart of RailSmart, our suite of digital tools that enables our clients to harness the digitalisation of processes to become safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Used by Network Rail, passenger and freight operators, vehicle and wagon manufacturers and maintainers, EDS has been developed as a SaaS product for the railway industry, but it is a system that offers carefully tailored content to ensure that it is intuitive to use whilst addressing the specific and complex needs of each client in relation to their unique risk profiles.  

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You can also find more information about competency management in our article featured in ‘Inside Track’ (p.52-54):  

*Source: ORR, RM3 2019