3Squared ‘Meet the team’ – Marie Hanby, Marketing Manager

This month’s ‘Meet the team’ features Marie Hanby, our Marketing Manager who joined our team late last year. We chatted about the swanky 3Squared office, what initially drew her to the role, and how important communications is.

Photo of Marie Hanby, Marketing Manager.
Marie Hanby, Marketing Manager.

Hi Marie, can you give us an insight into your role and day-to-day at 3Squared?

As with any new job, there is lots to do.  Our team is currently implementing an exciting new marketing plan. As Marketing Manager, I’m balancing a number of different key aspects from digital to print, whilst aligning these with our sales and customer success teams.

What’s your favourite thing about working at 3Squared?

For me, I have to say the 3Squared office! The central city location means it’s great for lunch time – whether that’s for food or shopping.  The office itself is also really swanky, with a great coffee machine, not to mention a fantastic team of people.


What initially drew you to the role and working for 3Squared?

The role itself ticked all the boxes for me and was a great match for my skillset. Plus, joining this industry presented an exciting new challenge in my marketing career. The recruitment process was weirdly enjoyable! Everything was just a great fit, and it was an easy yes when they offered me the position.


How have you harnessed your experience from other industries and previous roles?

I have worked in a marketing capacity for 25 years in different industries. It’s great to be able to bring that wide range of cross-sector experience to 3Squared. Coming into a new role with a fresh perspective and unique experience can be helpful in itself, and I’ve enjoyed bringing this to 3Squared.


How important is communications for 3Squared?

Very. We have a range of innovative, digital solutions that can help transform the railway and make a real difference, from safety to efficient operations. Communications plays a central role in reaching the right people who we can help, whether that’s posting on LinkedIn or meeting new people at events.


What excites you about the industry and the world of rail technology?

3Squared have technologies and innovations that provide solutions to key industry challenges and enable positive change. There are a multitude of opportunities where technology can play a key role in making the industry not only more efficient, but also greener. It’s great to be part of the 3Squared team who are making a difference and to play a part in communicating this message to the rail industry and beyond.


Thanks for giving us an insight into your role, Marie. If you would be interested in learning more about how you could join the 3Squared team, visit our careers page here or get in touch via [email protected]