Mobile Team Hack Day

Following the success of the Web Team event last year, the Mobile Team at 3Squared took part in a hack day to experiment with some new technologies, including Google’s backend-as-a-service, Firebase.

Split into 2 teams of 3, the Mobile Team were challenged to create an online, multiplayer, turn-based game of noughts and crosses in only 1 day.

Both teams started full of confidence and set out dividing the work and devising their solutions. Each team had great plans for beautiful user interfaces and cross-platform multiplayer, but, after a debilitatingly large pizza lunch the reality of the time set in, and ambitions were scaled back. Working down to the wire, both teams made their final commits and waited for judgement.

Friday’s weekly ‘Beer Knowledge’ sharing session was used for each team to demo their product and reflect on both their successes and failings of the day. After presenting the final apps to the rest of the company, it was decided to end the competition in a very British tie! The outputs of both teams were close and each group was able to demo a (semi) working game.

Overall we learned a lot about Firebase and time management and had a fun day working together.