Rail Freight and PathPlanner: 3Squared Feature on Latest RSSB Podcast

Our very own Head of IT and Technical Innovation, Martin Gleadow features on the latest RSSB podcast alongside Director General of the Rail Freight Group, Maggie Simpson discussing all things rail freight and more.  

They will be conversing on the importance of rail freight, the capacity challenges that the industry is currently experiencing and how our solution, PathPlanner, can resolve these issues. Listen to their thoughts over on the podcast here. 

 There is no denying that rail freight is an essential component to the more efficient and sustainable transport of goods and materials across the country. The pandemic and problems with road freight has only highlighted this further.  

 Our PathPlanner tool can overcome capacity challenges and the obstacles stalling Very Short-Term Planning, enabling freight services to run more flexibly and efficiently. 

Find out more about PathPlanner and how it can solve your capacity challenges here.