RailSmart Co-pilot

A driver advisory system that analyses train performance

‘In-cab’ train performance analysis and delay reporting

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Real-time feedback enabling drivers to minimise delays and optimise fuel usage to be more energy efficient

Driver Cab

Information in the driver’s cab

Clear and concise information is provided to the train driver on how the train is performing relative to the timetable helping them drive at optimum speed to arrive on time.

Delay reporting

End of journey delay reporting by the driver provides a clear and precise reasons for any delay attributed along the journey.

Delay Reports
Performance Analysis

Train performance analysis

Identify trends, common reasons for delay and performance issues with reporting capabilities.

Portable installation

Installed as an app on the driver’s tablet device and simple cab installation with no separate antennas or additional locomotive connected devices required.


Control the cost of network delays

Allows operators to better control the cost of network delays to them, by correctly attributing cause based on driver feedback.

Hundreds of trains run each day with RailSmart Co-Pilot, designed to optimise the performance of individual trains and reduce energy consumption

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RailSmart Co-Pilot features



The simple and intuitive interface allows for quick learning and ease of use.



Provides performance against real-time Network Rail timetables, allowing drivers to regulate the train accordingly for consistent timetable compliance.



Journey performance is recorded allowing routes, rolling stock and drivers to be assessed.



Avoid failure to stop incidents. Co-Pilot provides a visual countdown and audible alert when approaching stations.

One touch

One Touch

Capture important information when it is safe to do so, such as wheel slippage or rough riding.

Delay Capture

Delay capture

Allows drivers to provide reasons for delay that are linked to the standard TRUST delay reason codes.


Competency management

Integrates with RailSmart EDS to automatically update a driver’s route knowledge once a journey has been completed.



No need for expensive in-cab proprietary hardware as Co-Pilot can be installed on existing tables.

Why RailSmart Co-Pilot?

  • Improved energy consumption by reducing wasted fuel
  • Better train regulation providing drivers with optimum speed required to reach the next timing point at the correct time
  • Reduced delay minutes for more consistent timetable compliance helping passengers arrive on time
  • Drivers are alerted to approaching stations helping avoid failure to stop incidents
  • Simple cab installation
  • The train driver is still at the heart of the decision making process but has all the information provided to help make their job easier.
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