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Why RailSmart Insights?

Driver managers and operation standards leaders need to ensure their drivers are compliant with their company’s guidance and require straight-forward, easy access to an overview of their team’s competence.  RailSmart Insights provides real-time access to the data you need giving a whole picture view of your team and wider organisation.​

​Unlike traditional competency management systems that provide limited fixed reports, RailSmart Insights supports data analysis your way, providing you and your senior colleagues with flexible access to the data to help with the questions that need answering.

This means that key competency data is interactive, intuitive and flexible without the need for bespoke reports or raw data exports.

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Understand where your risks are

RailSmart Insights interactive dashboards display key data utilising reliable, accurate and real-time information.  This allows users to understand where risks are and confidently answer, with evidence, the risk profile for their business.

A single point of truth

RailSmart Insights makes information available instantly to stakeholders and session mangers, so everyone is on the same page.

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Interactive dashboards, charts and tables

Use highly interactive data dashboards within Insights to ‘drill’ through data in charts and tables revealing patterns and stories in the data to help understand what is really happening and that help drive meaningful interventions.

Make RailSmart Insights your own

Bespoke your own dashboard to meet your exact needs, allowing you to answer the questions you are being challenged with. 

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RailSmart Insights Focus Areas


Filter data by teams, regions and criteria receiving most major and minor assessment feedback.


Review incident by number, timer period and type, allowing focus on areas of concern and potential improvement.

Key status

Understand the full picture on key employee data flags such as Authority to Work and Safety Critical Status.​


Drill into performance data recorded over time to see trends and identify areas for improvement.

Support plans

Monitor number of employees on Support Plans by team, depot, region and plan status to stay on top of actions, progress and planned improvements.


Stay on top of assessment verification and track by analysing by team, location or even assessor.

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