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Providing passengers with accessible timetables and related travel information

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Embed a clear online timetable in your company website

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Timetable options

Trainset takes the information provided by Network Rail and turns it into a readable, accessible document that can be enriched with other information.  And, good news! You can manage this process yourself, or we can do this for you, taking care of any major changes or short-term alterations needed.

Flexibility of output

Most passengers will want to consume the timetable online, and most likely on a mobile device. We’ve got that covered. The system will also generate PDF copies for printing at the station or at home if required.

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Display train loading information

Allow your customers to travel with confidence by using the timetable to show how busy their train usually is.  Colour coded train loading information can be displayed in the timetable gird to help passengers determine the best time to travel.

Accessibility as standard

All the timetables prepared by RailSmart Trainset are screen reader compatible, allowing timetables to be read down the vertical columns, which means those passengers with visual impairments are not disadvantaged when planning their journeys.

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Your timetable – your way

Timetable presentation and layout is customisable, and the information shown on the timetable and the key for passengers is up to you.

See Online Timetables – Live! Now!

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RailSmart Trainset & Timetables (T&T) Features

NR CIF file ready

Reads the Network Rail timetable and allows for reformatting for passengers.

Mobile friendly

Online timetables are optimised for use on mobile devices.


Online or PDF versions of your timetable added seamlessly to your website – with your branding.

Accessible format

Screen reader compatible for those with a visual impairment.

Colour coding

Timetable shading to show train loading and peak travel times.

Managed service

We can create your customer facing timetables for you…

Managed changes

…and deal with short notice changes for engineering works or disputes.

Or your call

If you prefer you can use Trainset to manage the timetable publishing yourself.

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