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Empowering confident travel with online timetables

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Embed a clear online timetable in your company website

Make travelling a breeze for your passengers by incorporating our advanced RailSmart T&T train scheduling software into your website. This innovative tool transforms rail industry data into user-friendly, accessible timetables, allowing passengers to plan their journeys with ease and confidence.

Timetable Options

Customisable online timetable integration

RailSmart T&T offers unparalleled flexibility in rail timetable production, transforming the information provided in the network rail files into a user-friendly, accessible timetable. The software enables you to tailor the look and layout of your timetables to match your company’s branding perfectly. Whether you choose to oversee the customisation process or leave it in our expert hands, 3Squared is equipped to manage any modifications or updates needed to keep your passengers well-informed.

Enhanced accessibility with PDF timetable production

Our cutting-edge train time table software simplifies the creation of PDF versions of your timetables for easy printing and accessibility, ensuring passengers can obtain physical copies whenever necessary, either at home or at the station.

Flexibility Output
Train Loading

Optimising passenger journeys with train loading information

RailSmart T&T enhances passenger travel by incorporating colour-coded train loading data into the timetable. This feature allows passengers to identify the best times to travel, reducing congestion and improving the travel experience.

Compliant with accessibility standards for all users

To meet the needs of passengers who rely on online timetables, especially those using mobile devices, RailSmart T&T adheres to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1. This ensures that our timetables are fully accessible to visually impaired users, allowing them to navigate through information seamlessly.


Discover accessible rail timetables live in action

Experience the benefits of RailSmart T&T’s train and rail scheduling software firsthand by exploring how our clients have successfully implemented our solutions. Click through our customer logos below to see how our rail timetable production software is revolutionising travel planning.

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RailSmart Trainset & Timetables (T&T) Features

CIF ready

NR CIF file ready

Reads the Network Rail timetable and allows for reformatting for passengers.

Mobile Ready

Mobile friendly

Simple searching by station name to surface all relevant data.



Online or PDF versions of your timetable added seamlessly to your website – with your branding.

Accessible Format

Accessible format

Screen reader compatible for those with a visual impairment.

Colour Coding

Colour coding

Timetable shading to show train loading and peak travel times.

Display Flexibility

Managed service

We can create your customer facing timetables for you…

Managed Changes

Managed changes

…and deal with short notice changes for engineering works or disputes.

Custom Design

Or your call

If you prefer you can use Trainset to manage the timetable publishing yourself.

Meet our Timetable Experts

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Stewart Wells

Rail Information Specialist

Stewart Wells

With more than 20 years of experience in Customer Information in the rail industry, Stewart has played a crucial role in transitioning from traditional printed media to the digital era. His extensive background includes working with TOCs, national organisations, and industry suppliers, giving him a comprehensive understanding of the industry’s data architecture and various aspects of the rail sector. If you have any information or data challenges, Stewart is eager to explore potential solutions with you.

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Allan Woodburn

Timetable Editor

Allan Woodburn

With three decades of experience as a transport lecturer across multiple UK universities, Allan possesses a wealth of knowledge in the rail industry. Throughout his career, he has successfully led numerous research and consultancy projects. Currently, Allan’s role involves the crucial task of editing and maintaining the National Rail Timetable (NRT), ensuring accurate and up-to-date information for all rail travellers.

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Brian Burkinshaw

Timetable Editor

Brian Burkinshaw

With almost 50 years of experience in the rail industry, Brian possesses a comprehensive understanding of the UK transport system in its entirety, encompassing its structure, operations, and commercial aspects. This extensive knowledge enables him to tackle any challenge presented, whether it pertains to rail or bus projects, going beyond the realm of timetables.

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Andrew Brock

Timetable Editor

Andrew Brock

Andrew brings a wealth of experience, with 25 years of railway industry expertise under his belt. He has played a crucial role in developing new industry systems and has been instrumental in creating maps and timetables for various Train Operating Companies (TOCs) in the UK. Andrew manages the creation of timetables for multiple TOCs, ensuring a meticulous editing and proofing process before they are uploaded to digital platforms.

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