RailSmart DFH

A secure document distribution and data capture platform

Collect data from staff and ensure effective communication

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Allows organisations to collect data from staff and ensure awareness with secure document communication

DFH Forms

Build and complete forms

Setup and deploy your data capture form in minutes with the recently updated Form builder. Forms can be easily assigned to any number of users, who can then complete them using their FORMS mobile app.

Organise and distribute

Flexible configuration allows you to organise files into folders or group them by depots, region, teams, or in any hierarchy that suits your business process.

DFH Organise
DFH Track

Track engagement

Easily see who’s received what document, request read receipts and manual acknowledgements for time-sensitive or safety-related information.

Version control

With RailSmart DOCS you can be sure that the employee always has access to the latest version of documents.

DFH Version Control
Work Offline

Work offline

Ideal for remote locations with limited or no internet connectivity, forms can be completed and stored on mobile devices when offline. When an internet connection becomes available, the FORMS mobile app syncs to upload the completed form to the FORMS web app.

Over 200,000 documents have been distributed with RailSmart DFH

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Product features

Forms Builder

Form builder

Create forms quickly and easily with our drag and drop interface.

Multiple Fields

Multiple field types

All the standard form elements you would expect including text boxes, date pickers and drop down boxes.



Supports the attaching of photos, videos and audio when completing a form.

My To Dos

My to do’s

Allocate forms to individuals and view all those forms that require your attention.

Quick Search

Quick search

Quickly find documents or sections of documents with the keyword search tool.

One touch

Bookmark or favourite

Bookmark important sections of documents for quick and easy access.


Read receipts

Confirm the date and time that recipients have completed your forms.



Require acknowledgement and proof of reading for assurance that forms have been received and read.

Version COntrol

Version control

Never have old or outdated documents in circulation again thanks to in built version control.



When a hard copy is needed, AirPrint documents straight from the DOCS app.

Location Aware

Location aware

Attach GPS co-ordinates or location to a form.



Receive notifications when a form has been completed.

Here’s how others are using RailSmart DFH

Inspections and checklists

Perform and record evidence for inspections with rich data collections such as photos, video and audio.

Risk assessments

Conduct routine site, depot or station risk assessments with configurable form fields including sliders, drop down boxes, pickers and geo location.

Compliance and safety checks

Standardise your compliance and safety checks with customisable electronic forms.

PONs and WONs publication

Rail Operators are using RailSmart DOCS to digitally publish periodic and weekly operational notices to staff.

Diagrams and rosters

Distribute diagrams, rosters and alterations to drivers and crews. Receive acknowledgement that these important documents have been received.

Safety documentation

Build up a library of safety documentation for all employees to access anywhere, anytime.

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