RailSmart MCA

A train preparation and despatch platform

A safe and secure means to prepare and despatch freight trains

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Enabling freight operators to digitally prepare and despatch trains from yards, terminals and sidings

Digital Consisting

Digital consisting

Digitally capture and create train lists with the RailSmart MCA mobile app.

Depart and arrive trains

Depart and arrive trains within the RailSmart MCA app, which then updates TRUST.

Depart and Arrive Trains
Tops Integration

TOPS integration

Directly integrates with TOPS, allowing consists to be submitted and train documents to be viewed and downloaded from the app.

Train formation re-use

Quickly create a new consist based on a recently arrived inbound service to speed up train preparation for regular services.

Train Formation

A safe and secure means to prepare and despatch freight trains

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RailSmart MCA features

Digital Train prep

Digital train prep

Capture the loco numbers, wagon numbers and weight, along with all other train characteristics required for a Train Document.


TOPS integration

A direct link to TOPS means train lists can now be done remotely using the RailSmart MCA app.

Depart and Arrive

Depart and arrive

Depart or arrive a train from within the yard, port, terminal or sidings.

Progress View

Progress view

Get a real-time view of trains being prepared and location performance times.



Analyse and spot trends at train prep locations to help uncover delays and loading issues.



Integrates with the RailSmart Departure Board app to provide train formation information to control staff.

Why RailSmart MCA?

  • Reduction in train preparation time leaving more time for safety checks
  • Improves right time departures
  • Provides accurate train formation information to customers
  • Insight into preparation time at yards, ports, terminals and sidings
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