Month: April 2020

Business (Almost) as Usual

Business (Almost) as Usual at 3squared

Working from home and flexitime has been standard practice at 3Squared towers for a number of years; we have worked hard to nurture a culture that supports a positive work/life balance.  Lockdown however saw us implement a 100% WFH policy for all staff, in a matter of days with no discernible break in service.

Naturally, our team went through a period of readjustment but were it not for their innate resilience and enthusiasm this could have taken much longer.  Credit to every single team member for helping the company make a swift and efficient switch to remote working.

But it is not a case of business as usual.  Whilst we have ensured that our existing clients are able to access the same level of support and service as normal there is so much more that has been achieved. Here is a quick round up of what BAU+ looks like at 3Squared:

  • We have lifted license restrictions from our RailSmart collaboration tools, this is our way of helping our rail freight and passenger customers provide their essential services as efficiently as possible.  Our support team are on hand to assist clients with this
  • We have delivered several huge project milestones maintaining a level of care and productivity that is consistent with working in the office.  This has been achieved through our superb project management and client liaison teams’ attention to detail and dedication to quality customer care
  • Our development and quality teams are managing consistent, continual RailSmart product development and upgrades and are communicating this seamlessly through client liaison
  • The service design team have been hard at work with bespoke research whilst delivering upgrades on user interface and customer experience practice to internal and external customers
  • All teams have put in place virtual scrum / stand-up meetings, as a result intra-team communication is constantly maintained, providing further support to existing and newer clients.  In addition to maintaining the usual daily meetings we have implemented bitesize weekly team meetings and “all hands-on deck” sessions

BAU+ is not limited to meeting the needs of our clients; internally our operations and HR and IT teams work together closely, figuratively speaking, to ensure that our internal culture of care is also maintained:

  • Operations and IT pulled out all the stops to transition the team from majority-office based to 100% WFH practically overnight
  • HR have initiated a number of wellbeing practices, checking in on staff individually and collectively and providing regular health and wellbeing support tools across the entire team
  • HR and other team leads have been hard at work on ensuring our placement and graduate schemes are maintained
  • The 3Squared conviviality has been protected too: we have weekly pub quizzes in our “virtual local” to wrap up a demanding week and provide a clear marker for the team to down tools

In conclusion, lockdown has enabled us to enrich not only our internal practices, ensuring we are a truly flexible workplace, but we believe that we have maintained a level of support to our  RailSmart clients that has enabled them to maintain a modicum of normality in what are truly extraordinary times.

Putting Technology to Work in this Unprecedented Time

Passenger train at platform

The past few weeks have been challenging times for the Rail Industry, and 3Squared want to help our freight and passenger operators respond to the impact of COVID-19.


To assist our customers, we’ve temporarily removed RailSmart user licensing restrictions on our document distribution platform and incident communications management solutions.

We want to help more operational front-line staff receive the level of communication and support they need to undertake their job safely and effectively. Enabling employees to focus on the work that matters the most, getting key personnel to work and goods on the shelves for everyone.

Account directors are already reaching out to customers across the UK. Still, if any customers are looking to increase user capacity within RailSmart, they should get in touch with our support team on 0333 121 3333.

3Squared Achieves Cyber Essentials Accreditation

Cyber Essentials Logo

Here at 3Squared we are committed to providing the most robust service we can to clients and suppliers alike, and we treat the security of our clients’ information with the utmost respect and care.  We are therefore delighted to announce that we have recently been awarded Cyber Essentials accreditation, illustrating our commitment to cyber security, and demonstrating that we assure the highest duty of care when it comes to organisational information management.

This latest accreditation, backed by the Government’s National Centre for Cyber Security, enhances our suite of accreditations.  We have been ISO27001 accredited since 2017 and expect to achieve Cyber Essentials Plus as soon as we are able once COVID19 restrictions are lifted.

Whilst ISO27001 provides an internationally agreed definition of what is required for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an Information Security System, Cyber Essentials is of increasing importance.  Cyber Essentials is a mandatory requirement for any company operating in the UK and bidding for central government contracts that deal with the handling of personal information and the provision of certain ICT products and services.

Achieving this accreditation supports our aims to work with more Government-level clients and projects, which plays a significant role in our company strategy.  3Squared has a well-earned reputation throughout the railway and construction sectors, and as such we are delighted that we can demonstrate our dedication to protecting our clients’ assets and data at this level.

3Squared invests heavily in the continued professional development of all its staff through dedicated personal training bursaries.  By achieving and maintaining both Cyber Essentials and ISO27001 accreditations we are also guaranteeing our continual development at an organisational level.

Alex Bennell, our head of QA explains that “being Cyber Essentials accredited proves to our customers and regulatory bodies that we continue to take security seriously and are always looking for ways to improve. This accreditation is testament to the work undertaken by the compliance and IT teams at 3Squared who have worked together closely to achieve Cyber Essentials.”