3Squared’s innovation and expertise supports The Green Travel Pledge

3Squared’s innovation and data expertise is supporting the rail industry’s commitment to providing accurate and reliable carbon emission data for rail journeys via the Green Travel Pledge.

Developed by the Rail Delivery Group in collaboration with 3Squared, Thrust Carbon, Black Box Partnerships, and the wider rail industry, this initiative aims to encourage businesses to shift from cars and planes to trains for their travel needs.

The first phase release of the pledge includes providing detailed carbon emission data for the top station-to-station rail business routes in Britain, showcasing the potential for significant emissions reduction by choosing train travel over cars. For example, 13 times less carbon dioxide is emitted when the journey from Edinburgh to London Kings Cross us undertaken by train and not in a car.

3Squared has been a key member of the project team supporting the Rail Delivery Group with their mission to provide business travellers with the information needed to help them understand the impact of transferring their business travel from road to rail.  The comprehensive data that drives the system, pulled together and ‘crunched’ by our experts, combines factors such as train occupancy, fuel type, and exact journey distance to create a reliable picture of carbon emissions in rail business travel.

Rail Delivery Group - Green Travel Pledge
3Squared’s Clint Chenery (pictured above 3rd from left) and Martin Gleadow (pictured above 4th from left) alongside other key members of the Green Travel Pledge team.

And this is just the beginning, as more carbon data for all point-to-point rail business routes across Britain will be released later this year.

The Green Travel Pledge has already received recognition, winning the ‘Sustainability & Net Zero Team of the Year’ award at the Rail Staff Awards and becoming a finalist for ‘Innovation of the Year’ at the Rail Business Awards.

Further information on The Green Travel Pledge can be found by clicking here.