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A proactive competency management system

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Enabling organisations to lower business risk and reduce incident rates

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A structured approach to competency assessments

EDS (Employee Development System) supports the continuous monitoring and improvements of your employees’ competencies.

Competency focused around interactions

Using EDS, create multiple competency interactions including assessments, observations, classroom based training, eLearning and more.

RailSmart EDS Software on screen
RailSmart EDS Software on screen

Complete visibility of employee competency

Provides a comprehensive and clear overview of your current competency position across the whole business. Everything in one convenient place.

Significant time saving

Dramatically reduces the administrative burden of compliance compared to paper-based and competitor solutions.

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Product features

Administer assessment cycles

Define and manage competency cycles, for the different roles within your organisation.

Manage performance criteria

Create performance criteria sets for each of your cycles.

Define planned interactions

Define interactions as part of a competency cycle.

Employee incident management

Track and manage all of your operational incidents.

Medical management

A GDPR compliant solution for the management of employee work-related medical examinations and the recording of results.

Employee support plans

Support and develop employees’ competencies with tailored proactive and reactive support plans.

Skills and certificates

Track employee skills and manage skill renewals.

Training paths

Manage and track employees training.

Assessment module

Conduct assessments and other planned interactions electronically using the EDS mobile application.

Interaction planner

View your up and coming employee assessments and other interactions.


Analyse assessment data and gain an insight into the overall competency of your workforce.

Verification and auditing

Verification tools to help promote standardisation, consistency and accuracy to competency management across the whole organisation.

RailSmart EDS Software on screen and mobile tablet

Why EDS for competency management?

  • Complete visibility of your organisation’s current competency position
  • Enables the proactive management of business risk
  • Helps to reduce operational incidents by focusing on your teams
  • Reduces the administrative burden and cost of compliance
  • Promotes and encourages regular contact time between employees and line managers
  • Helps identify training opportunities

More than 200,000 assessments performed against over 15,000 employees

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RailSmart EDS Implementation Guide

Additional modules available for RailSmart EDS

RailSmart EDS Software on screen


Delivering intelligence from OTDR data

Get near-real-time access to locomotive information with the OTDR module for RailSmart EDS. Built upon the RailSmart RCM solution which monitors, records and securely sends all data collected via the OTDR into the RailSmart platform in near real-time. Enabling the analysis of locomotive information leading up to and post-incident almost instantly, helping operators build a clear picture right from the outset. The OTDR module for RailSmart EDS provides access to all the driver train regulation data that is traditionally accessed via a loco site visit and offline download.

OTDR module benefits for competency management

  • Near real time access to train regulation information.
  • Replaces the traditional on-site manual data download.


Delivering intelligence from OTDR data

Do away with the manual analysis of data from On-Train Data Recorders (OTDR) with the automated driver competency indicator (ADCI) module for EDS. Create employee driver competency indicators from the vast array of available OTDR data enabling the near real-time monitoring of driver train regulation. Deliver targeted driver training and support through the analysis of data.

ADCI module benefits:

  • Improved visibility of driver train regulation
  • Trend and precursor identification
  • Enables timely feedback to drivers on train regulation
  • Better targeting of competency management
  • Reduces the time and cost of OTDR data collection and analysis
RailSmart EDS Software on screen
RailSmart EDS Software on screen

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