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Rail safety and compliance solutions

RailSmart EDS is a competency management system designed to help the rail industry maintain safe working practices and ensure all staff have the key skills required to fulfil their role. Our rail training software takes the pain out of managing multiple competency cycles and keeps everything in one convenient place for easy access.

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Discover the main benefits of RailSmart EDS

RailSmart EDS Software on screen

A structured approach to competency assessments

Our competency management software includes EDS (Employee Development System) which supports the continuous monitoring and improvements of your employees’ competencies. Includes train driver assessments and more to make sure all staff are competent in their roles to reduce risk.

Competency focused around interactions

Using EDS, create multiple competency interactions including assessments, observations, classroom based training, eLearning and more.

RailSmart EDS Software on screen
RailSmart EDS Software on screen

Complete visibility of employee competency

Rail competency management software for a comprehensive and clear overview of your current competency position across the whole business. Everything in one convenient place.

Significant time saving

Dramatically reduces the administrative burden of compliance compared to paper-based and competitor solutions.

RailSmart EDS Software on screen and mobile tablet
RailSmart Insights Dashboard Charts on laptop

Unlock insights, drive action and empower your business with data analytics

EDS-Insights is an additional module which provides access to the data you need, giving a whole picture view of your team and wider organisation.​ This means that key competency data is interactive, intuitive, and flexible without the need for bespoke reports or raw data exports.

Discover EDS-Insights

RailSmart EDS features

EDS Administrator

Administer assessment cycles

Define and manage competency cycles, for the different roles within your organisation.

EDS performance

Manage performance criteria

Create performance criteria sets for each of your cycles and monitor them using our competency management system.

EDS Interactions

Define planned interactions

Define interactions as part of a competency cycle.

EDS Features

Employee incident management

Track and manage all of your operational incidents.

EDS Medical

Medical management

A GDPR compliant solution for the management of employee work-related medical examinations and the recording of results.

EDS Employee Support

Employee support plans

Support and develop employees’ competencies with tailored proactive and reactive support plans to easily improve railway training.

EDS Skills and Certificates

Skills and certificates

Track employee skills and manage skill renewals.

EDS Training

Training paths

Manage and track employees’ railway training.

EDS Assessment

Assessment module

Conduct assessments for train drivers and other staff along with further planned interactions electronically using the EDS mobile application.

EDS Interaction Planner

Interaction planner

View your upcoming employee assessments and other interactions.

EDS Analyse


Analyse staff and driver assessment data and gain an insight into the overall competency of your workforce.

EDS Auditing

Verification and auditing

Verification tools to help promote standardisation, consistency and accuracy to competency management across the whole organisation.

Why use EDS for rail competency management?

  • Complete visibility of your organisation’s current competency position
  • Enables the proactive management of business risk
  • Helps to reduce operational incidents by focusing on your teams
  • Reduces the administrative burden and cost of compliance
  • Promotes and encourages regular contact time between employees and line managers
  • Helps identify training opportunities on your railway and includes train driver assessments and more to make sure staff have the required skills
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More than 200,000 assessments performed against over 15,000 employees

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Additional module available for RailSmart EDS

RailSmart EDS Software on screen


Delivering intelligence from OTDR data

Get near-real-time access to locomotive information with the OTDR module for RailSmart EDS. Built upon the RailSmart RCM solution which monitors, records and securely sends all data collected via the OTDR into the RailSmart platform in near real-time. Enabling the analysis of locomotive information leading up to and post-incident almost instantly, helping operators build a clear picture right from the outset. The OTDR module for RailSmart EDS provides access to all the driver train regulation data that is traditionally accessed via a loco site visit and offline download.

OTDR module benefits for competency management

  • Near real time access to train regulation information.
  • Replaces the traditional on-site manual data download.

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RailSmart EDS product feedback

Some of our customers

We are proud to work with passenger operators, freight operators and suppliers to the rail industry, large and small, from across the UK and beyond.

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  • RailSmart ORS has helped us improve the output of the team as well as the quality of the roster. We’re light-years ahead of where we were.

    Oliver Schepisi
    Director of Rail Operations
    NTS Logo
  • Having the ability to use IFM in real, live situations, enables us to see how effective the system can be for our operations. The control team can use the system to capture the latest status and keep stakeholders updated. Utilising the actions and notifications functionality saves time, meaning the team is able to focus on managing and resolving situations safely and securely.

    Catherine Nugent
    Head of Rail Programme Delivery
    NTS Logo
  • Davis Wagon Services Ltd have utilised the skills and expertise of 3Squared since 2017 as we progressed our transition into a digital era. Throughout the last six years, we have been fully supported and guided into which platform is relevant, and where gaps were identified, 3Squared have been extremely proactive in ensuring that our needs have never been compromised. Our digital transition is recognised as a perpetual journey of learning and understanding, and there is no better company we wish to have to support our business needs.

    John Hall
    Managing Director
  • Partnering with 3Squared for our competency management solution EDS, gave us every confidence in choosing their newly released RailSmart Virtual Campus as our LMS. We are looking forward to accessing the comprehensive catalogue of pre-built courses from this robust and well acknowledged platform.

    Adam Youd
    Learning & Development Manager
    Mersey Rail
  • As an organisation it is important to us that our suppliers are committed to helping us achieve our objectives and 3Squared have embraced this ethos, regularly joining our competency governance meetings and inviting us to their cross-industry User Group.

    Melanie Sewell
    Safety & Environment Programme Manager
  • RailSmart EDS is extremely user friendly. It is simple to use, significantly reduces admin time for our assessors, which in turn enables us to be more productive as a Training and Competency Entity. It is widely used by other internal stakeholders who need a snapshot of competency in their area and they can navigate and pull information from the system with ease.

    Daniel Miller
    Head of Training & Competence UK
  • Our industry is highly regulated and RailSmart EDS has enabled us to demonstrate assurance with the Health and Safety Executive. Our safety certificate gives us a license to operate trains and our safety authorisation gives us a license to operate stations. I’m not sure how we would have done it without RailSmart EDS, probably lots of emails and taking them up and down the route!

    Simon Reading
    Driver Team Manager
  • Going paperless is definitely the way forward, improving the environment and our efficiencies. First and foremost, RailSmart EDS has improved our assessors time to plan and undertake in-depth technical and operational assessments whilst automatically updating and maintaining our records which is such game changer.

    Stephen Catterall
    Head of Training & Competence
  • We have been using RailSmart EDS for the last 6 or 7 years and it has made a significant change to our business. Bringing in an electronic system, means we have a better oversight of our competency management arrangement, allows us to work with teams and provides all records in front of us on screen.

    Melanie Sewell
    Safety & Environment Programme Manager

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