An insight into 3Squared’s RailSmart Virtual Campus

As we prepare to launch a new version of our RailSmart Virtual Campus Learning Management System (LMS), we’ve taken the time to pause and explore what the importance of an LMS is, understand the benefits such a system provides and how RailSmart users can reap the many benefits of a modern LMS.

What is a Learning Management System?

In essence, a learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of courses, programmes, materials or learning and development programme.  LMS’ have faced a huge surge in usage since the shift to remote working post pandemic.

LMS’ provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing unnecessary administrative burdens, to improving accessibility and adapting to the modern ways of working, which many of us are becoming accustomed to and empower businesses to provide enhanced training and development for their learners.

There are two types of LMS users – administrators and learners. Administrators are responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a range of tasks including course management, assigning specific learner groups to specific learner plans, and more.

Learners are on the receiving end of learning initiatives. Learners who have access to an LMS can view their course information, complete assigned courses and evaluations and measure their own progress. The optimum LMS solution ensures that this access has a streamlined user journey, that is accessible and easy to use.

An effective LMS offers a range of uses from customer training to employee onboarding and development, through to compliance training and more. This combined with an accessible, user-friendly experience, makes it a sensible decision to instil and integrate an effective learning management system within your business.

Making the switch

To capitalise on the benefits 3Squared are set to launch a new version of RailSmart Learning Management System using SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS leader Docebo’s Learn platform. There are many reasons behind the refresh, with the primary driver being the provision of a much better user experience and enhanced customisation for clients and end users.

The new system is much more flexible for different learning paths based on various roles and provides mobile and offline modes, enhancing accessibility. The new LMS also provides robust and detailed management reporting, reducing administrative burdens and onerous tasks.

Unique ‘gamification’ and social learning opportunities also exist within the revamped platform. There is also the scope for a seamless embedded user experience available to managers with access to RailSmart Employee Development System (EDS), who will be able to directly access information from the LMS within EDS. There is also the option for users to provide automated assignments and reminders to learners and through its technology, give enhanced support to EDS customers for usually laborious processes such as user provisioning.

Finally, the new solution is backed by a market leading content library that allows clients to choose from a range of over 20,000 courses across a wide range of subject categories.

If you would be interested in finding out more information about how the RailSmart Virtual Campus LMS can support you, get in touch with Jason Greig today via [email protected].