‘The Future of Freight’ – 3Squared launch insightful whitepaper

The proliferation of rail freight in recent years is not to be underestimated. The Rail Delivery Group estimates that rail freight contributes £2.45bn to the economy each year. Logistics is one of the largest sectors worldwide, worth $8.43 trillion in 2021 as a vital mode of transport for moving commodities on behalf of practically every part of the UK economy daily.

To showcase the increasing importance of freight and the intrinsic role that technology will inevitably play in its evolution, 3Squared have published a whitepaper with input from industry leaders, such as Maggie Simpson OBE, Director General at the Rail Freight Group (RFG) and Nick Graham, Head of External Networks at Eddie Stobart amongst others, to highlight this further.

The publication of the whitepaper follows on from an exclusive PathPlanner launch event 3Squared held earlier this week at the Port of Southampton. Utilising 7 years of historical data and a powerful machine learning algorithm, PathPlanner has been created with the potential opportunities freight possess in mind. Seeking out unused paths across the network, the system aims to unlock capacity and generate new opportunities for the freight sector to transport more goods sustainably, building on the untapped opportunities the whitepaper unveils. PathPlanner was developed after 3Squared was names as winner in Department for Transport and Innovate UK’s ‘First of a Kind’ (FOAK) Competition for innovation in freight.

“Speaking to industry experts has really helped to cement our learnings when developing our revolutionary PathPlanner tool. The whitepaper underscores the importance of responsive planning techniques for enhancing service and customer confidence in the freight network. We are truly excited about PathPlanner’s potential impact on the freight industry, and the wide-ranging benefits it can bring to the sector.” Jason Durk, Principal Consultant

Download the white paper 

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