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An insight into 3Squared’s RailSmart Virtual Campus

As we prepare to launch a new version of our RailSmart Virtual Campus Learning Management System (LMS), we’ve taken the time to pause and explore what the importance of an LMS is, understand the benefits such a system provides and how RailSmart users can reap the many benefits of a modern LMS.

What is a Learning Management System?

In essence, a learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of courses, programmes, materials or learning and development programme.  LMS’ have faced a huge surge in usage since the shift to remote working post pandemic.

LMS’ provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing unnecessary administrative burdens, to improving accessibility and adapting to the modern ways of working, which many of us are becoming accustomed to and empower businesses to provide enhanced training and development for their learners.

There are two types of LMS users – administrators and learners. Administrators are responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a range of tasks including course management, assigning specific learner groups to specific learner plans, and more.

Learners are on the receiving end of learning initiatives. Learners who have access to an LMS can view their course information, complete assigned courses and evaluations and measure their own progress. The optimum LMS solution ensures that this access has a streamlined user journey, that is accessible and easy to use.

An effective LMS offers a range of uses from customer training to employee onboarding and development, through to compliance training and more. This combined with an accessible, user-friendly experience, makes it a sensible decision to instil and integrate an effective learning management system within your business.

Making the switch

To capitalise on the benefits 3Squared are set to launch a new version of RailSmart Learning Management System using SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS leader Docebo’s Learn platform. There are many reasons behind the refresh, with the primary driver being the provision of a much better user experience and enhanced customisation for clients and end users.

The new system is much more flexible for different learning paths based on various roles and provides mobile and offline modes, enhancing accessibility. The new LMS also provides robust and detailed management reporting, reducing administrative burdens and onerous tasks.

Unique ‘gamification’ and social learning opportunities also exist within the revamped platform. There is also the scope for a seamless embedded user experience available to managers with access to RailSmart Employee Development System (EDS), who will be able to directly access information from the LMS within EDS. There is also the option for users to provide automated assignments and reminders to learners and through its technology, give enhanced support to EDS customers for usually laborious processes such as user provisioning.

Finally, the new solution is backed by a market leading content library that allows clients to choose from a range of over 20,000 courses across a wide range of subject categories.

If you would be interested in finding out more information about how the RailSmart Virtual Campus LMS can support you, get in touch with Jason Greig today via [email protected].

Forging Connections Across the Rail Industry

3Sqared Forging Connections

An insight by Graham Cooper, Head of Product & Marketing at 3Squared.

“Since joining the rail industry earlier this year, it has been an interesting learning curve getting to grips with the sector. What strikes me is just how enthusiastic people who work in this industry are. Similar to my experience in the education sector, it is fantastic to be part of an industry which places collaboration and relationships at its heart, connected by the dedication its people have to make a meaningful difference.

“It has been brilliant getting out and about across the UK, meeting with industry leaders and a breadth of organisations to find out more about what makes the industry tick and how 3Squared can continue its work in creating technologies and solutions that make a positive impact on the day-to-day running of the rail network.

“A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of visiting GB Railfreight’s (GBRf) HQ to learn more about how they are using a wide range of 3Squared’s RailSmart software suite to manage their rail freight logistics operations. I’m looking forward to working more closely with the team at GBRf to help further develop the software and help embed the RailSmart suite into their operational fabric.

“An impressive customer visit I had recently was at the SCS HS2 logistics facility in Willesden Junction. The team there are making use of an impressive range of technologies, including 3Squared’s specially built BulkSmart solution, which is sitting at the heart of the programme office on huge screens.

“BulkSmart is used to model, plan, order and monitor the removal of the soil on GBRf freight trains to various landfill sites around the country, ensuring the pile never grows too large. This is an operation that will take 1,000’s of HGVs off our roads during the project, freeing up roads and reducing CO2 emissions at the same time. It is fascinating work, and you can learn more about the HS2 logistics operation here.

“I also had the pleasure of attending the Rail in the North event sponsored by Modern Railways. There were a range of great presentations and topics, from how operators are evolving to deliver better service for passengers (Northern and TPE), to how Liverpool and Manchester are moving ahead with modern, integrated, and accessible transport ecosystems (I’m especially looking forward to this happening in my home city of Manchester).  It was interesting to hear how the Northern Powerhouse Rail project is forging ahead with impressive changes that will deliver a modern link between Manchester and York. Thanks to the team at Modern Railways for inviting me along to the event.

“I also recently received an invite to the CILT Rail Study Forum dinner, a great event for those working in rail to meet and share experiences and opinions. I’m in wholehearted agreement with the welcome note given by CILT RSF President Charley Wallace: “We are on the cusp of the most ambitious changes to our industry in a generation. It’s an exciting and bumpy journey but it is a journey worth making in earnest, and with purpose, and a great opportunity to deliver real and much needed change for our people and customers. The railway is well placed to help the country and realise the promise of our communities and the economy in the years ahead”.

“Many thanks to my new friends and colleagues from across the industry for welcoming me with such open arms and inviting me to the various events, meetings, and offices across the country. I look forward to forging more connections and discovering more about the fascinating sector I am proud to work in.”


If you see Graham out and about, do say hello and connect with him on LinkedIn or Twitter. If you would also be interested in discussing the world of rail and more with Graham, get in touch via [email protected]

RailSmart Brand Evolution: An Insight

RailSmart Evolution Q&A

 As you may have seen on our social media before the festive break, we shared the exciting news that we are launching a new brand identity for our RailSmart suite of products. The evolved branding is cleaner and sleeker in its design, to keep in line with 3Squared’s drive to keep up with the evolving demands of the rail industry for seamless, efficient, and easy to use tools and technologies.  

To capture this change, we recently spoke with Patrick Handley, UX/UI and Graphic Designer at 3Squared, on what the thinking process behind this change was, and the intricacies behind the new branding:  


What was 3Squared’s main motivation for evolving the RailSmart brand? 

In a nutshell, we wanted to make the RailSmart brand more relatable, whilst giving it a simple, fresh, and contemporary feel. We wanted to make our products more attractive to both new and existing customers, within the transportation sector and potentially in other markets too. This aligns with the overall aim of helping 3Squared continue to grow and to enhance our reputation within the industry as an innovative, forward-thinking technology company. 

Alongside the design evolution, we have also begun a conscious drive to design our web and mobile applications with accessibility and ease of use in mind, based on Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our inclusive design approach is led by collaboration; we consult with our clients to understand their teams’ needs, and configure the interface appropriately, always in line with current best design practices. 


 What was the creative process behind the new brand assets? 

The brief was always for an evolution rather than a revolution. The process for creating the new brand assets, such as the logos and colour palettes, was simply to assess what we already had and build on it. We aimed to simplify wherever possible and made sure that the new assets aligned with current trends and best practices, whilst always keeping in mind our drive towards accessibility, relatability, and consistency. 

With regards to creating the new app names, the mantra here was to take a ‘Does what it says on the tin’ approach. Coming up with the new names was a complex process which involved lots of meetings and to-ing and fro-ing with different ideas. However, we had been aware for some time that new, existing, and potential RailSmart customers were getting lost in all the acronyms we have previously used to refer to our different apps. Therefore, creating a set of consistent, easy to understand app names was one of the key ingredients of the brand evolution and crucial in determining its success. 



Was it a collaborative process or did you work to a brief with input from the the other designers and wider 3Squared team? 

I was responsible for creating the new assets, such as the logos, App Brand Colour Palettes, and decorative aspects for the new RailSmart brand, whilst working from a well-defined brief. I received continuous feedback and input throughout the process from other members of the Service Design Team, our directors Tim Jones and James Fox, and colleagues from the wider 3Squared team. This was invaluable in enabling me to create a body of work that not only fulfils the brief, but one that will also hopefully stand the test of time. 

Coming up with the new app names was more of a collaborative process and involved input from numerous people from different teams across 3Squared, including the directors. This was arguably the most difficult aspect of this work, requiring many meetings and ideas sessions before we came to a set of suitable names that we were all happy with, fulfilling the ‘does what it says on the tin’ aspect of the brief. 



How have you married the new assets with the legacy assets? Is there a common brand link? 

The initial brief was always to evolve rather than rebrand, as we didn’t want to risk alienating or causing unnecessary upheaval for existing customers. Whilst there is no marriage of the old and new brand assets as such, the evolution process is very clear when you compare the new assets against the old ones. 


How do you think the new look will speak to current and untapped audiences? 

The new designs provide a modern, fresh, simple look and feel, as well as being more relatable in our brand voice. 


Are there any new tactics or measures you will be creating to evolve the brand further?  

From here, it is very much a process of implementation and in truth it may take some time before we can boast a full implementation of the new brand assets and accessibility features across all our apps. However, we are hoping to release a new website in the next few months, which will serve as the launch pad for our new RailSmart brand to the outside world. 


Finally, what do you hope the new brand identity will achieve? 

Ultimately, I hope that the new, relatable brand identity will help us to attract new customers for our industry leading software and support 3Squared’s continued growth. I also hope that the new brand assets will help to clarify our product offerings for new and existing customers, whilst also standing the test of time in taking the RailSmart brand forward over the coming years. 

James Fox, Commercial Director and Co-Founder at 3Squared, commented on what the design evolution means for the business: “We are excited to evolve our RailSmart brand in line with the changing needs of our customers. Well done to Patrick and the team for bringing our vision to life, and we hope that the new accessible, modern designs make an impact across the industry and to our customers.” 

Thanks to Patrick for the detailed insight into the new RailSmart design assets. Find out more information about RailSmart and its diverse range of benefits, here 

Harnessing technology to prepare for winter

Rail Staff

Year-on-year as winter approaches, the rail industry braces itself for months of timetable disruptions and impacts across the network, thanks to seasonal changes such as leaves on the line, to ice on the platform.   

However, thanks to innovation, solutions can be created. 3Squared are advocates of the power of innovation and new ideas to tackle complex issues across the rail network. This ethos was front and center when they created their RailSmart Adhesion Digital Solution (ADS), a digital approach to adhesion management.

Read more on how ADS and emerging innovations are tackling seasonal challenges head on, over on Railway News here. 

If you would be interested in finding out how RailSmart ADS can support your needs as winter approaches, book a demo with a member of the team here or email [email protected]  

Our new RailSmart logo to enhance evolving brand identity

RailSmart Logo

3Squared are pleased to share their new RailSmart logo, which helps to align their new brand identity with the drive towards innovation that runs through the heart of the business.

Designed by Patrick Handley, 3Squared’s multi-talented, in-house Graphic Designer, the logo was created with innovation in mind, and forms the cornerstone to the evolution of the RailSmart brand towards a more accessible, relatable and contemporary brand identity. The new logo also aims to reflect 3Squared’s mission to offer a suite of user-friendly software products for today’s modern businesses, offering services which enable them to be safer, greener and more efficient in their business practices.

Within the design, Patrick and the team have placed a significant focus on the lightbulb icon being the main visual element of the logo, as it is widely associated as being a symbol of innovative thinking. The new icon is also bolder and simpler in its design, to make it more recognisable and to improve legibility at small sizes. The app tile element also provides a contrasting backdrop to the bulb icon, to further support legibility and to give the new logo a more contemporary feel, by tying together their new App Brand Colours into a seamless multicolor gradient, which you can see in further detail below:


RailSmart Logo

RailSmart is an innovative suite of web and mobile applications, which aims to improve efficiency and transparency across the rail sector. It has undoubtedly revolutionised the way in which the rail industry and most of the UK rail freight sector is using the software, to streamline and enhance their operations.

Lucy Prior, Business Engagement Director at 3Squared, commented: “It is fantastic to see the ideas and innovation that exist within RailSmart come to life in the new logo. It is important in today’s digital age that we have a brand identity that showcases the forward-thinking and dynamic way in which we operate and support our clients, and we look forward to seeing how the new logo is received by our friends and colleagues from across the industry and getting the 3Squared and RailSmart brands out there, to new and untapped audiences.”

Find out more information about RailSmart here.

3Squared set to exhibit at Rail Live 2021

3Squared at RailLive 2021

The rail industry thrives on events and networking. Rail Live is a particular highlight on the rail industry calendar, and after last year’s cancellation and a year of Zoom meetings and virtual events, we are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting in-person at this year’s Covid secure event.

Returning Wednesday 16th – Thursday 17th June at the Quinton Rail Technology Centre in Warwickshire, Rail Live 2021 will be a much-needed opportunity for the entire rail industry to come together and provide delegates with the real railway environment and in-person engagement that many of us have missed this year.

From live plant demonstrations, rolling stock displays, insights into the latest innovations from across the industry, to hearing from experts on key industry topics and networking, it looks set to be an action-packed two days. We cannot wait to see our friends and colleagues from across the industry at an event that will feel somewhat familiar, but remarkably different.

You can find the 3Squared team on stand M58 and try out our RailSmart software in person. Find out more information about the event here.

GB Railfreight renews 3Squared RailSmart contract

Freight train at platform

Digital transport solutions provider, 3Squared today announced that it has secured a contract with GB Railfreight for renewed and expanded use of its award winning RailSmart software platform.

This renewed three-year contract marks the third successful renewal of the partnership between 3Squared and GB Railfreight which has continued to develop over more than half a decade. The renewal further cements the long-term commitment of both parties to advancing the use of digital solutions whilst exploring even more ways to innovate and add value to GB Railfreight. 3Squared and its freight operating client have a shared commitment to make the UK rail freight sector more efficient, sustainable and cost effective while keeping Britain moving through current challenges.

Tim Jones, Managing Director of 3Squared, commented:

“We are delighted to be working with GB Railfreight for another 3 years. This renewal solidifies a fantastic and successful partnership. This long-term renewal provides both parties with a strong platform to continue working together towards achieving an improved railway.

“This investment from GB Railfreight is a significant demonstration of its commitments to digitalisation.  This is more pertinent than ever considering the current challenges that our industry faces at present. It is also testament to the value and benefits our RailSmart platform delivers for operations when implemented correctly. We look forward to our continued working relationship”

Alfredo Giangregorio, Head of IT at GB Railfreight, added:

“GB Railfreight first engaged with 3Squared back in 2014 with the introduction of its Railsmart EDS (Employee Development System), and they have been instrumental in partnering with us to deliver our digital roadmap over the last 6 years. Our latest collaboration, the award winning Railsmart RCM (Remote Condition Monitoring) provides us real time locomotive telemetry and alerts, allowing our Control, Engineering and Operations teams greater asset and resource management.

“I look forward to further collaboration with 3Squared in the coming years, not only benefiting GB Railfreight but also the wider rail freight community.”

RailSmart is an award-winning suite of software applications that support the operations, safety and compliance of today’s modern transportation companies. A platform that turns information into insight and helps drives efficiencies all across the business.

Book a demo with us to find out more. 

RailSmart Virtual Roadshow (13-14th October)

RailSmart on Laptop and Mobile Tablet

Technology is transforming transport and the way we work.  3Squared is at the forefront of that change. We understand how to use change and innovation in technology to deliver value.

Join us on Tuesday 13th October and Wednesday 14th October 2020 for a series of free, interactive sessions to learn more about RailSmart and participate in live discussion.

Our RailSmart® suite of products is powering transformational change across the rail sector. By digitalising typically wieldy processes we are helping our clients become more efficient, improve safety and reduce operational and administrative costs.

To demonstrate the range of our products and services, and to give you chance to see how RailSmart® could help you, we are running a number of live product demonstrations and thought leadership seminars during our new virtual roadshow.

The seminars will discuss the latest trends and emerging needs of the rail sector and delve into how digital transformation is essential to meet those needs.

Additionally, we will be joined by our guest speakers from the Rail Freight Group and RSSB providing industry insight on the rail freight sector and the new Rail Technical Strategy.


Tuesday 13th October (Day One) 

• 10.00 – 11.15 Digital Competency Management for all

Learn about RailSmart EDS and how our digital tools remove the burden from assessments to managing employee performance.

• 13.00 – 14.00 Adopting to new ways of working in rail freight

Learn about RailSmart and the Freight industry, with guest speaker introduction Maggie Simpson Director General RFG

• 15.00-16.00 RailSmart EDS User group

A virtual question and answer session for existing EDS Competency Management customers

• 16.00 – 17.00 Managing the Supply Chain with BulkSmart

A preview of RailSmart BulkSmart and its features and benefits for yard management, order tracking and Load tracking



Wednesday 14th October (Day Two)

• 10.00 – 11.30 – Incident Management for Operations

Streamlining Incident Management and smarter decision making by collaborating through RailSmart IM

• 13.00 – 14.00 – The new Rail Technical Strategy and the underpinning R&D

Learn more about the new RTS and what it means for RSSB R&D programme and the 3Squared’s Dynamic Freight Capacity Management project with guest speaker introduction Luisa Moisio, R&D Programme Director

• 15.00-16.00 – RailSmart Operations User group

A virtual question and answer session for existing customers using IM and Documents & Forms


3Squared launch RailSmart Virtual Campus to accelerate the digital railway

RailSmart Virtual Campus on laptop

Leading software company 3Squared, provider of technological solutions to the rail industry, is pleased to announce the launch of its RailSmart Virtual Campus, in response to the rapidly evolving needs of its customers and to support rail bodies across the UK to bring the digital railway to life.

The campus, the first of its kind for the Sheffield-based SME, will enable RailSmart customers to access a blend of training tools including eLearning modules, virtual instructor led training, micro simulation and other interactive content. It will also be harnessed by 3Squared for the onboarding of its customers to their RailSmart product portfolio, as seen in its recent success in onboarding Network Rail to support rail passengers across the UK.

This significant milestone follows on from a successful year for 3Squared, following their recent signing of coveted contracts with HS2, Network Rail and RSSB (Rail Safety and Standards Board). RailSmart, 3Squared’s flagship product, is a driver for operational efficiency and simplifying information management. It provides the industry with a suite of software applications to help improve operational efficiency, reduce incidents, mitigate business risk and overcome complex rail challenges.

Bespoke elearning opportunities

The innovative product is built on top of the industry leading commercial SAP Litmos cloud based Learning Management System (LMS) platform, which is currently used by over 22 million learners worldwide. The LMS will also be integrated into 3Squared’s award-winning competency management solution, RailSmart EDS. Using the LMS, customers will be able to create bespoke eLearning content, schedule distance based instructor led courses and include them as interactions within competency cycles and development plans. Through the EDS, assessors will also be able to view employees eLearning results and course completion information.

3Squared have chosen to use SAP Litmos due to its enterprise grade reliability, accessibility and cutting edge features, such as its machine learning assessment capabilities, that can analyse video observations for correctness and sentiment.

John Hickling, Client Partnership Director at 3Squared, commented:

“With the Coronavirus pandemic forcing everyone to work remotely we felt it was the perfect time to launch our RailSmart Virtual Campus. 3Squared’s innovative rail products save our customers time and boost efficiencies, and the Virtual Campus ensures that clients can get up to speed with our products quickly and easily from the comfort of their own home.

“Technology is radically transforming the world of transportation and we are excited to be at the forefront of the step change across the industry, and showcasing how digital innovation can truly deliver value to rail customers across the UK.”

Get in touch if you would like to request a demo of the RailSmart Virtual Campus.