Year 10 student Livvy, shares her 3Squared work experience in marketing

How did you feel starting your placement at 3Squared?

On the first day of my work experience I was quite nervous as I didn’t really know what to expect, but the team instantly made me feel welcome. Throughout the week I have shadowed Marie joining her for multiple meetings. I found these meetings very interesting as I learnt about digital notice boards which will make the railways much safer and increase staff awareness. During my time with 3Squared I was allocated many tasks which kept me busy and gave me an insight to seeing marketing in a real-life workplace setting.

What tasks have you done, were there any you enjoyed more than others?

Firstly, I created the EDS 10th birthday celebration video, which will be used later this year. I thoroughly enjoyed this task as I could utilise my IT skills, which I don’t get to make use of in school. I was then asked to do a review of the 3Squared website. This meant I had to compare website features and design elements. I felt my input was valuable here, as I was able to say how the website could be improved so customers would be more intrigued by what is being offered (solutions and products). Although the management team said the data input task may be monotonous, I enjoyed being kept busy and I could see its value this would then provide to the wider team, as this will help future marketing campaigns.

What have you learnt?

I have learnt how digital notice boards will be able to help the rail industry in the future to allow increased safety awareness. This reduces the need for physical resources to be replaced with technology. Marie also taught me about the 4 P’s when it comes to marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.

How do you feel after your work experience?

Now I have completed my work experience with 3Squared, I want to continue studying marketing when I leave school.  I would like to experience what it is like working with a company that is a B to C (Business to Consumer) as 3Squared is a B to B (Business to Business) and I feel like experiencing this will demonstrate both sides of the marketing industry.

Additional Comments

I would especially like to thank:

Marie for instantly making me feel at home in the 3Squared office and for always being helpful. Nothing was ever too much trouble for her.

Graham for his constant kindness and his great sense of humour.

The 3Squared team for making me feel welcome. 

P.S thank you Jonathan for not doughnutting me!!!