Embracing Modal Shift Today for the Future

Embracing Modal Shift Today for the Future

Adopting changes in mode of transportation now for the long-term

Improving the interconnectivity of transport systems has numerous advantages for the rail industry, including a reduction in expenditure, environmental benefits, local economic growth, and enhanced performances. How can this be accomplished?

Digitalisation has become a necessity for the freight industry’s transition from road to rail transport. Employees can now access up-to-date digital data to make working more efficient. However, expertise from other diverse industries is equally as important in transforming the freight sector. This, combined with multiple technologies will allow the industry to grow.

Today, Freight RDG operator members are still urging the government to contribute to economic growth. It is advised that all sectors, such as operators and policymakers,  continue to communicate with one another to facilitate change. 3Squared remains enthusiastic about these collaborations and are committed to bringing forward new advancements, much like the BulkSmart software.

You can read further details from Rail Professional Magazine here: https://issuu.com/railpro/docs/rp_uk_february_2023_issuu/s/18208980