First European Trains Prepared With Our RailSmart MCA Tool

This week marked a momentus occasion for 3Squared as its first European customer, Hector Rail AB begin preparing its trains with the RailSmart MCA train preparation tool.

Effectively, RailSmart MCA allows the Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) to optimise efficiency within its freight cars (consists), whilst using the data to improve management decision making and the service it offers to customers.

The solution is available to all Freight Operating Companies (FOCs) and can reduce train preparation time by up to 75%, as a result of switching from traditional paper based systems that rely on manual entry to a digital solution.

The UK version of MCA supports direct entry of details of freight cargoes into Network Rail’s Total Operations Processing System (TOPS), introducing major efficiencies and 3Squared are currently working on integrating the platform into the European equivalents including Trafikverket and DB Netz.

The benefits will be that it enables real-time monitoring of the consisting process for all stakeholders and it will also allow for better network planning decisions.

The tablet application provides FOCs with the ability to:

  • View consists in progress
  • Capture locomotive, wagon and container information
  • Capture container/wagon weight, issues and dangerous goods information
  • Consist a train via the tablet application, receiving confirmation from TOPS
  • Capture signatures for Ground Staff and Drivers

Whilst a secure web application provides operators with the ability to:

  • View consists in progress
  • View completed consists
  • View TOPs receipts for completed consists
  • Access Reports/Analytics

You can find out more information about the RailSmart products and the RailSmart MCA application on the dedicated website here.

If you would like to speak with someone to find out more information, please call us on 0333 121 33 33