Introducing you to some of the 3Squared team

This year RailWeek has a digital twist and as a company which specialises in software solutions for the rail industry, we have a whole host of roles that help to illustrate just how many opportunities there are. We thought we would take the opportunity to give you a little look behind the scenes at some of our team members with some little introductions in their own words.

Tim Jones and James Fox

We are the founders of 3Squared, it is our job to build the company and steer it as we continue to find software solutions to the challenges of making the railway safer and more efficient. We launched 3Squared 18 years ago after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University.

Since the beginning we’ve always wanted to develop realisable benefits to customers through technology, and help streamline and automate business processes. We are proud of our software solutions and it’s thanks to our fantastic team at 3Squared for helping to achieve this.

We love listening to our customers about how our products help them work more effectively, and love collaborating on new ideas they bring to us.

My role @3Squared is Head of Service Design. This involves managing the Service Design team, collaborating with designers and developers to envision and iterate concepts, defining and delivering our team’s strategy, aligning this with other teams, collaborating with the Operational Management team to deliver 3Squared’s strategic initiatives, working with clients to help them to re-think how they approach organisational problems and tailoring products and services to deliver the best working solutions for our suite of @railsmart products that are helping #digitalise #rail.

I started at 3Squared as a UX/UI designer, and as the company grew, we realised there was a need for more defined requirements. As my role evolved from design to business analysis, mentoring, client engagement and sales, the Service Design team at 3Squared was born and I was asked to head this up.

I began working more closely with our clients to fully understand the problems they are aiming to solve, and along with managing the team, this is the aspect of my job that I enjoy the most.

Martin Gleadow

Twitter: @mgleadow

Martin Gleadow

My role @3squared is Head of IT and Support. It involves looking after the people and systems which keep our @railsmart product suite running, and so helping digitise rail. I got into my role after 10 years working in a server admin role in Sheffield, and I love seeing people develop and how our products make the lives of our customers better.

Lucy Prior

My role @3squared is a Business Engagement Director. It involves building new relationships with stakeholders across the industry, helping to communicate how the @railsmart products are helping #digitalise #rail and communicating the sector’s needs to our team.

I adore my job because it involves helping the railway modernise in so many ways. Our mission is to help the railway become safer, greener and more efficient and it’s so exciting to see how tech is helping achieve that.

Callum Walmesley

My role @3squared is a Service Analyst. It involves communicating with our clients to help solve any issues or questions they may have as well as proactively ensure that they are getting the best possible service from our RailSmart applications which is an important element in the @railsmart product suite that is helping #digitalise #rail.

I got into my role after completing my BSc (Hons) Computing course at Sheffield Hallam University and after gaining a passion for the rail industry from my internship at DB Cargo (UK) Ltd. I love my role as I get to talk to so many wonderful people on a daily basis from all across the rail sector and work with them to continue their enjoyable experience of the RailSmart suite.

Leon Martin

Twitter: @LMartin526

Leon Martin

My role @3squared is a Development Apprentice. It involves programming to create, implement, fix and/or change features of a new or existing product. All of this is important as I continually help to make the user experience more pleasant, which is an important element in the @railsmart products that are helping #digitalise #rail.

The role (Development Apprentice) was offered to me at the end of my work experience @3sqaured which I was over the moon about. There are a lot of things I enjoy about my role but to keep it short, I enjoy the satisfaction of overcoming an obstacles, the social aspect of working in a team and I enjoy programming itself and continue to have a deep passion for it.

Cherry Limb

Twitter: @CherryChallis

Cherry Limb

My role @3squared is HR Manager. It involves finding new team members and enabling and supporting our current ones to do their best work; people make a company, which is an important element in the @railsmart product that is helping #digitalise #rail.

Everything always comes down to people, people make the world go round and if we spend the majority of our lives at work, so its important people are fulfilled, challenged, engaged and well. HR can make a difference there.

I enjoy seeing people grow, develop professionally and personally, rise to new challenges and am always in awe of people’s talents!
I came from more general Office Manger roles but always enjoyed the people element over the finance, delivery and health and safety arm so luckily have a role where I can specialise now in just HR.

Andrew Powell

My role @3squared is a Senior Software Engineer It involves: Working with Microsoft C#, writing web front end, web API and database full stack layers. Implementing new client requested functionality, Estimating requirements, documenting the requirements from a development point of view for myself and other members of the team. Bug Fixing and Investigation into Issues. Increasing performance of queries as I love a bit or SQL which is an important element in the @railsmart product that is helping #digitalise #rail.

I got into the role after working at 3squared as a midweight dev. I have worked at two other companies before this so have been doing it for 15 years now, after graduating with a degree in software engineering.

I enjoy the company atmosphere, learning new skills and becoming a better developer, earning your senior stripes . There is always something new to learn.