Keeping passengers informed: An insight into 3Squared’s Dynamic Route Map 

We live in a digital age, where information is available instantaneously. From the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep, we are surrounded by news, updates and more. With that step change, so too has a shift occurred in how people expect to receive information, with a knock-on negative effect on those who quite simply don’t keep up with demands of today’s modern world.  

This is something that the rail industry is fully becoming aware of. Passengers expect to be kept informed of what is going on, especially if there are any disruptions to their journey. The digital age has driven an even more significant pressure on the industry to improve the speed at which updates are delivered.  

Embracing technology to cater to modern demands  

By embracing technology, the sector can meet up with customers’ expectations, keeping them fully informed and up to date with changes to their journey and if there any issues out on the network. This is something we recognised early on at 3Squared, culminating in the development of our Dynamic Route Map.  

The 3Squared Dynamic Route Map has been designed to show a wide range of information, bespoke to the customers’ needs and in a format that matches TOC branding and the existing route map design passengers will be familiar with. For example, the technology has an integrated customisable map and key, optimised for use on mobile devices with zoom capability.  

This enables passengers to access up-to-date information and details regarding live disruption, station information, accessibility guides, and an engineering work ‘look ahead.’ In addition, the Dynamic Route Map also shows alternative bus routes, to ensure passengers can get from A to B when disruption is severe. 

Improving customer service levels through effective communication systems  

Creating a Dynamic Route Map solution for a TOC involves collaborating with you to create a map, primarily based on your existing route map, that customers will recognise. 

When it is up and running, our automated routines manage disruption through an interface to existing Network Rail and National Rail Enquiries systems for train and station information updates, ensuring that the system looks after itself – taking away the administrative burdens and freeing up staff to focus on other tasks. 

Every system that we have develop at 3Squared aims to resolve the challenges of today’s modern, technology heavy world. Communications and accessibility are key touchpoints in the development life cycle and something that impinges on every single design decision that we make.  

Ease of use and provision of usable information to help passengers make more informed journeys was the driving force behind the development of the Dynamic Route Map. To find out more detail about how the technology works and how you can transform customer communications, book a demo today.