3Squared ‘Meet the Team’ – Ollie Booth, Placement QA Engineer

Behind every successful business lies it people and without its people, quite simply there is no culture. This is something that 3Squared are proud to have and which has been its ethos since its inception in 2002 and twenty years on, the company continues to both attract and retain some of the brightest minds in the rail technology industry.


To showcase this and find out what makes 3Squared a fantastic place to work, we have introduced a ‘Meet the team’ feature to give you an insight into the minds behind the machines, starting off with a recent addition to the team Ollie Booth, Placement QA Engineer:


Can you give us into an insight into your background and what drew you to the role at 3Squared? 

I am currently on a Software Engineering course at Sheffield Hallam University and was attracted to the role of QA (Quality Assurance) Engineer, as it provides a great mixture of skills and software which I thoroughly enjoyed using at university. Working at 3Squared has given me a brilliant opportunity to develop these skills in an industry setting and become much more confident.


What does your day-to-day look like? 

Day-to-day work can vary a lot which I find massively enjoyable. My day always starts with a morning QA stand-up, where the team discuss what they will be working on for that day. Following this, I have a project scrum meeting where we review what project related work we have been doing.

Following this, any bugs that have been found are triaged with developers, prioritized, and then assigned. After that, I usually have the rest of the day for project or general investment work – for example, recently I have been testing API (Application Programming Interface) endpoints.


What does your department do and how does it support the wider business? 

As part of the QA department, we identify and report issues with user-facing software during development and monitor live customer issues. We also look for, monitor and triage bugs with developers ensuring that we consistently deliver high quality software solutions for our clients.


What do you enjoy about working at 3Squared? 

There is always a friendly atmosphere, and everyone is very approachable. As it is a growing company you get a real sense of community and the QA team have been incredibly helpful whenever I have had questions or queries. There are also a variety of social events which I love to attend.


What do you enjoy about working in the rail technology industry? 

It is very innovative, and it is exciting being part of a rapidly changing industry. Rail is at the forefront of sustainable travel, so it is brilliant to be involved. Seeing the company’s software being used for projects such as HS2, makes me incredibly proud to be a part of it.


If you would be interested in learning more information about how you could join the 3Squared team, visit our careers page here