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RailSmart DRM: The ultimate interactive rail map software

Discover RailSmart DRM, an award-winning solution for live rail map software, designed to transform the way passengers interact with the rail networks. Our platform provides leading edge interactive rail map displays, offering dynamic and comprehensive rail route map solutions. Designed with both the passenger and operator in mind, RailSmart DRM is your go-to rail passenger information software, keeping everyone informed and connected.

Why choose RailSmart DRM?

Dynamic Routes

Live rail map software

Experience real-time updates with our live rail map, offering passengers the latest information on train movements, disruptions, and expected arrival and departure times. Stay ahead with RailSmart DRM, where live data enhances every journey.

Interactive rail map software

Engage with beautiful, dynamic route maps that boast complete customisability. Our software is optimised for mobile devices, featuring intuitive zoom and scroll capabilities, ensuring passengers have the information they need at their finger tips.

Dynamic Routes
Live Disruption

Rail route maps solutions

Navigate the complexities of rail travel with ease. Our platform allows for simple management of line closures, amendments, and provides a direct interface to existing Network Rail systems. With RailSmart DRM, operational efficiency meets passenger convenience.

Engineering ‘look ahead’ and alternative bus routes

When planned engineering is on the horizon, customers can use their calendar to see the likely impact on their journey time. In times of significant disruption, the system can be set to display alternative bus routes if ticket acceptance has been agreed with bus operators.

Live Map
Traveller Map

Rail passenger information

From live disruption alters to station information and accessibility options, RailSmart DRM offers a comprehensive suite of tools to improve passenger experience. Integrated seamlessly with your company’s website, it serves as a unified portal for all travel needs.

Award winning innovation

Proud winners of the ‘Customer Service Excellence’ prize at the National Rail Awards, in collaboration with Southeastern Railway, our software has set a new standard for customer service in the rail industry.

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National Rail Awards

See RailSmart DRM in action

Join John Till, Head of Information Delivery at Southeastern Railway, as he demonstrates the transformative impact of DRM on passenger information delivery.

RailSmart Dynamic Route Map (DRM) Features

Zoom In

Zoom in / out for detailed map exploration

Discover the flexibility of our maps, designed to change detail levels as you zoom, making it easier to find the information you need.

Mobile friendly

Mobile friendly design

Optimised for on-the-go access, our software ensures that passengers have the best possible experience on any device.

Make it yours

Customisable maps

Tailor the look and feel of your maps to match your brand, ensuring a cohesive and intuitive user experience.

Auto Updates


When the data changes on NR or NRE systems the map stays up to date.

Delay Flexibility

Delay flexibility

Set clear parameters for what constitutes a minor or major delay.

Colour Coding

Colour coding

Use intuitive map colour that auto-changes when status is updated.

Alternative routes

Alternative routes

Offer solutions and guidance during disruptions, including alternative bus routes.

Accessibility info

Accessibility information

Provide clear information on station accessibility for passengers with special needs.

Look A head

Look ahead

Use the calendar ‘look ahead’ to display delay impact during engineering works.

Service Information

Service information

Help passengers by sharing platform access location, train layout and more.

Station Data

Station data

Share station information – on parking, lifts, facilities and other station details.


Easy CMS

A simple and ‘self-running’ Content Management System.

See RailSmart Dynamic Route Maps – Live! Now!

Discover how our clients are using RailSmart DRM Dynamic Route Maps today by clicking our customer logo’s below:

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Embrace the future of rail travel with RailSmart DRM, your partner in delivering exceptional passenger experiences through advanced interactive rail map software. Contact us to learn more about our rail route map solutions and how we can help elevate your service.

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