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Providing an auto-updating interactive route map and passenger information

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Keep passengers informed with a completely customisable route map, disruption updates and station information

Beautiful Dynamic Route Maps Screenshot

Beautiful dynamic route maps

Provide your travellers with great looking dynamic route maps that can be set to show a range of information. A completely customisable map and key, optimised for use on mobile devices with zoom capability.

Simple to use configuration and management

Easy to use options to manage closures and line amendments, and a direct interface to existing NR and NRE systems for all train and station information updates means the system almost looks after itself!

Dynamic Route Maps Configuration Screenshot
Dynamic Route Maps Live Information Screenshot

Live disruption information

Set the parameters for what constitutes a ‘minor and ‘major’ delay, and the system will use the real-time data to drive auto-colour coding of affected lines and stations, always keeping customers in the picture.

Engineering ‘look ahead’ and alternative bus routes

When planned engineering is on the horizon, customers can use their calendar to see the likely impact on their journey time.  In times of significant disruption, the system can be set to display alternative bus routes if ticket acceptance has been agreed with bus operators.

Dynamic Route Maps Live Information Screenshot
Dynamic Route Maps Live Information Screenshot

Information for travellers

Passengers can discover details of live disruption, station information, accessibility guidance, train layout and loading information and much more. All of this is easily integrated with your own company website, creating one single branded interface for your customers.

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RailSmart Dynamic Route Map (DRM) Features

Zoom in / out

See the level of detail on the map change when zooming in or out.

Mobile friendly

Optimised for use on mobile devices.

Make it yours

Completely customisable map and key allows you to be clear and on brand.


When the data changes on NR or NRE systems the map stays up to date.

Delay flexibility

Set clear parameters for what constitutes a minor or major delay.

Colour coding

Use intuitive map colour that auto-changes when status is updated.

Alternative routes

Switch on and show alternative bus routes to passengers when required.

Accessibility information

Provide clear information on station accessibility for passengers with special needs.

Look ahead

Use the calendar ‘look ahead’ to display delay impact during engineering works.

Service information

Help passengers by sharing platform access location, train layout and more.

Station data

Share station information – on parking, lifts, facilities and other station details.

Easy CMS

A simple and ‘self-running’ Content Management System.

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