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At the forefront of rail technology, RailSmart IFM delivers unparalleled incident management solutions tailored for the demanding needs of the rail industry

Integrating state-of-the-art railcar and fleet management tools, our software facilitates smarter decision-making and enhances safety across your operations.

Multiple incident types

Enhance rail operations with a top-tier incident management solution

Empower your rail operations with our top-tier incident incident management solution, designed to address and streamline every aspect of incident handling. By adopting RailSmart IFM, you enable a proactive approach to incident management, ensuring that tall types of rail incidents are recorded, tracked and resolved efficiently. Our platform enhances decision-making processes during disruptions, mitigating impacts and boosting operational resilience, thus maintaining the safety and reliability of rail services.

Advanced railcar fleet management

Our advanced railcar fleet management system is the cornerstone of operational excellence, offering in-depth insights and control over your railcar assets. With RailSmart IFM, track the status and performance of each railcar, implementing preventative maintenance and optimising fleet deployment. This robust tool reduces downtime and increases the longevity and productivity of your fleet, making it an indispensable asset for modern rail operations.

Manage Notifications
Smart Tags

Comprehensive rail fleet management strategies

Implement comprehensive rail fleet management strategies with RailSmart IFM to ensure your rail operations run smoothly and efficiently. Our software provides an integrated approach to managing your rail fleet, facilitating seamless coordination between maintenance schedules, operational availability, and compliance requirements. With these strategies in place, you can achieve higher service reliability and improved passenger satisfaction, ultimately enhancing your competitive edge in the rail industry.

Cutting-edge incident and fleet management software for the rail industry

Adopt our cutting-edge incident and fleet management software tailored specifically for the rail industry. RailSmart IFM is designed to handle the complexities of railway operations, offering dynamic tools for incident recording, real-time monitoring, and detailed analytics. This software ensures that every incident is addressed with precision and agility, enabling faster recovery and minimising operational disruptions. With RailSmart IFM, elevate your incident management to new heights and maintain uninterrupted service excellence.

Monitor incident actions

RailSmart Incident Fleet Management (IFM) Key Features

Define Accidents

Versatile incident recording

With IFM rail incident management software, you can record and manage a wide array of incident types. Assign actions and monitor progress seamlessly from the onset of an incident to its resolution, ensuring comprehensive oversight and swift response.

Mobile friendly

Advanced smart tags

Enhance your incident data with smart tags for people, assets and head codes. This feature provides essential context, aiding in quicker, more informed decision making during critical moments.


Attach documents

Easily add supporting documentation such as images, video or audio to incidents to provide as much information as possible, so you can effectively resolve it.


Dynamic incident timeline

The timeline feature allows for real-time updates, keeping all team members aligned with the latest information. This fosters enhanced collaboration and efficiency in resolving incidents, pivotal for railway incident management.

Delay Flexibility

Intelligent notifications

Tailor your communication strategy with easily manageable distribution lists, ensuring critical notifications reach the right stakeholders promptly. IFM is designed to keep everyone informed as situations evolve, crucial for effective railcar fleet management and incident response.


Comprehensive actions

Quickly assign tasks to facilitate issue resolution and track progress meticulously.


360 collaboration

Incident management software promotes 360 degree collaboration, including on-site updates via the Companion IM mobile app, making it an essential tool for rail fleet management.

Accessibility info

Robust reporting tools

Generate detailed incident reports with ease, offering insights into operational performance and areas for improvement. These insights are invaluable for continuous improvement in rail fleet management and safety protocols.

Why choose RailSmart IFM for your rail fleet and incident management needs?

  • Rail Fleet management: capture and manage every incident with precision, ensuring operational continuity and safety. Streamline your processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Incident management: ensure swift and effective response strategies. From recording diverse incident types to assinging necessary actions, ensure no detail is over looked.
  • Standardised reporting: implement consistent incident processes, improving response time and resolution effectiveness.
  • Enhanced communication: maintain clear, effective communication channels, especially crucial during disruptions, ensuring all parties are informed and aligned.
  • Smarter decision making: leverage comprehensive data and analytics for informed decision-making, enabling rapid, effective responses to incidents and operational challenges.
  • Integrated fleet management: as part of the connected RailSmart suite, IFM provides a holistic approach to rail fleet and incident management, ensuring seamless operations and enhanced safety across your rail network.
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