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Generate staff rosters that are tailored to your needs helping you deal with the complexity of multiple business requirements, pay and contractual rules 


Create base rosters

A flexible tool for the creation of base rosters with the option to include links, rotation patterns and more.

Optimise for weekly and on the day staff rosters

Create weekly rosters from your base roster or create completely new rosters to meet your weekly demands.


Manage fatigue and risk

Rail rostering software where you can see at a base level and weekly level, the fatigue and risk levels for all employees based on their actual working hours.

Rules based validation

Define labour rules, pay requirements and business rules that can all be dynamically checked when publishing a roster.


An integrated resource planning solution developed to meet the needs of today’s modern train operators

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RailSmart ORS features

Base rosters

Base rosters

Effortlessly create base rosters for depots, teams or business units.

Weekly Rosters

Create weekly staff rosters

Use the base roster to create your employees actual working week rosters.

distribute rosters

Distribute rosters

Quickly and securely distribute rosters to staff digitally using the time management companion application.

Change Management

Change management

Instantly communicate changes to booking on and off times, diagram alterations and more.

Fatigue Risk

Fatigue and risk

View and manage staff fatigue and risk.

Employee Timesheets

Employee Timesheets

Review, manage and approve your employees’ submitted timesheets.

Flight Paths

Flight paths

View and review employees contracted hours, flight paths and utilisation.

Diagrams and Work Orders

Diagrams and work orders

Import, view and edit diagrams, work orders and jobs.

Rule Management

Rule management

Configure employee contractual rules, regulatory requirements and agreed employee conditions.

Route and Traction

Route and traction

Integrates with RailSmart EDS to provide comprehensive route and traction competence checks.

Cloud Based

Cloud based

Secure access to RailSmart ORS whenever you have access to a standard internet browser.



Manage depots, regions, business units and countries all through a single instance of RailSmart ORS.

Why RailSmart ORS?

  • Create optimised, efficient staff rosters
  • Reduce staffing costs with flight path management for contracted hours
  • Proactively manage employee risk and fatigue
  • Improves communication preventing no shows and incorrect booking times
  • Reduces paperwork
  • Improves visibility of staffing costs and staff utilisation
  • Reduces the time it takes to create weekly rosters, freeing up the planner’s time for other duties
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