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Revolutionise your team’s knowledge and skills with our state-of-the-art Rail Learning Management System designed for the transport industry

Discover why RailSmart Virtual Campus is the ultimate choice for your rail learning management system

RailSmart Virtual Campus, powered by Docebo, is a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed for the rail and transportation industries. By aligning your business strategy with employee training and development goals, it delivers exceptional learning outcomes. Our Learning Management System, offers a customisable interface that seamlessly incorporates corporate branding, resulting in smooth navigation and impactful learning for users.

Additionally, our multi-award-winning RailSmart Virtual Campus utilises Artificial Intelligence to enhance the e-learning experience, catering to different roles, ensuring compliance, and boosting overall performance.

Keep scrolling to discover the benefits of using a rail learning management system.

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RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail LMS | Maintain Compliance

Uphold compliance standards while monitoring and optimising learner progress

Experience seamless compliance management with RailSmart Virtual Campus. Our cutting-edge learning management system for rail streamlines administrative tasks and ensures comprehensive traceability to meet regulatory requirements. Our holistic LMS solution includes structured training pathways, continuous performance monitoring, and powerful analytics for valuable data insights, all designed with the transport sector in mind.

Take learning to the next level with improved knowledge retention and enhanced performance

RailSmart Virtual Campus revolutionises the way knowledge is retained. By utilising gamification and social learning, an interactive and enjoyable learning experience is created for transportation professionals. With personalised learning, our learning management solution ensures that knowledge is embedded and workplace performance is enhanced.

RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail Learning Management System | Retain Knowledge
RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail Learning Management Software | Optimise Content

Optimise and simplify your essential content for maximum efficiency and effectiveness

RailSmart Virtual Campus is your ultimate destination for bringing together essential learning in the rail industry. This centralised hub offers a vast library (up to 100,000 items) and the ability to upload a variety of learning resources, making it the go-to LMS platform that meets the learning and compliance needs of the transportation sector.

Discover the power of social learning and active participation

At the heart of the RailSmart Virtual Campus solution lies the integration of social learning and content curation. This unique platform offers learners a one-stop destination to engage with your organisation’s experts in real-time, fostering knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer recommendations, and collaborative learning which is essential in the rail sector. Experience a learning environment like never before!

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Expand the reach of your engagement approaches

Enhance your learning programmes with additional standard features like gamification, leaderboards, and reward shops. These exciting elements not only make learning more enjoyable but also encourage healthy competition and repeated engagement at various levels within your organisation.

RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail LMS | Expand Engagement
RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail LMS | Personal Development Pathways

Discover the key to unlocking your personal development pathway

Unlock your team’s personal growth potential with RailSmart Virtual Campus, offering a vast array of over 10,000 pre-set skills. Seamlessly integrated with your LMS for rail strategy, this innovative platform empowers your team members to effortlessly track and enhance their essential skills, ensuring efficient development every step of the way.

Uncover the power of a personal learning dashboard

Provide a personalised learning dashboard for each individual to have a consolidated view of their learning progress and outstanding actions. With RailSmart Virtual Campus, administrators and Power Users can also keep track of the overall progress of their organisation’s learning initiatives.

RailSmart Virtual Campus | Transportation LMS | Personal Learning Dashboard
RailSmart Virtual Campus | Transportation LMS | Enhance onboarding journey

Enhance employee onboarding journey for a seamless experience from day one

RailSmart Virtual Campus offers numerous benefits to your organisation, with one of the key areas being the ability to onboard new staff members rapidly and effectively. By providing a combination of webinar and in-person training, our learning management solution facilitates blended learning, making it easier for both new and existing employees to learn and adapt.

Additionally, the platform streamlines internal processes by automating assignments and reminders, reducing the need for time-consuming paperwork and ensuring efficient delivery of rail industry training. Moreover, RailSmart Virtual Campus extends beyond your employees, allowing you to include third-party contractors and partners in your LMS strategy, ensuring seamless alignment and collaboration.

Minimise the administrative workload and optimise your budget

RailSmart Virtual Campus is designed to simplify the management of learning and development programmes in the rail sector by leveraging cutting-edge technology. Our LMS offers a range of features, including the consolidation of all learning assets into a single platform, personalised learning paths and catalogues tailored to your business needs, and the ability to customise the interface.

With comprehensive reporting and tracking capabilities, you can easily monitor progress and performance. Whether you prefer desktop, mobile, or offline access, our solution ensures maximum reach and flexibility for all users.

RailSmart Virtual Campus | Rail LMS | Minimise admin | Optimise budget
RailSmart Virtual Campus | Transport LMS | Seamless integration

Capabilities for integration

With our RailSmart Virtual Campus platform, you have the flexibility to integrate it seamlessly with your corporate systems using open APIs. This means that assessors can easily access information from RailSmart Virtual Campus and view it alongside RailSmart EDS on a single canvas. Whether you’re checking learning progress, course scores, certificates, or more, you can do it all within RailSmart EDS or the learning management interface. This integration allows you to have more meaningful training and development discussions by combining competency assessments with learning data for the first time.

A secure and scalable solution

Rely on the resilience of RailSmart Virtual Campus, where your rail learning strategy can flourish on a secure, SaasS based platform. Rest assured, we prioritise your safety with standard safeguards such as secure AWS hosting, ISO certification, and flexible data center residency options based on your location.

Discover the key features of our rail learning management system below.

RailSmart Virtual Campus | Transport LMS | Secure scalable solution

RailSmart Virtual Campus features

Search and AI

Search and discover with AI

Enhances your onboarding efforts and drives employee growth using a comprehensive rail learning management system. The LMS consolidates, organises, and shares courses, tracks certifications, and assesses results, empowering your workforce.

Latest Technology

Utilise cutting-edge technology

A rail focused learning management system that offers a comprehensive range of applications and features that can be customised to suit specific needs, ensuring scalability as learning projects become increasingly advanced.


Automate administrative tasks

Streamline and simplify administrative tasks by automating them with this rail learning management system, freeing up administrators to focus on more valuable activities. Delegate tasks, rely on the system, and eliminate the need for manual user enrollment.


Improved visibility and monitoring

The RailSmart Virtual Campus ‘My Team View’ empowers managers with exclusive access to monitor their team’s learning activities and take immediate action on any overdue certifications.

Reduce costs

Reduced learning costs

Remove the need for renting venues, arranging accommodations, and paying trainers. Employees can conveniently train from their desks or on the go, minimising time away from their work responsibilities.

Cloud Based

SaaS based platform

Built on a secure SaaS infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of safety for users. Industry-standard safeguards and the ability to choose data center residency options based on your location.

Some of our customers

We are proud to work with passenger operators, freight operators and suppliers to the rail industry, large and small, from across the UK and beyond.
Ready to work with us? You’re in good company.

  • Davis Wagon Services Ltd have utilised the skills and expertise of 3Squared since 2017 as we progressed our transition into a digital era. Throughout the last six years, we have been fully supported and guided into which platform is relevant, and where gaps were identified, 3Squared have been extremely proactive in ensuring that our needs have never been compromised. Our digital transition is recognised as a perpetual journey of learning and understanding, and there is no better company we wish to have to support our business needs.

    John Hall
    Managing Director
  • Partnering with 3Squared for our competency management solution EDS, gave us every confidence in choosing their newly released RailSmart Virtual Campus as our LMS. We are looking forward to accessing the comprehensive catalogue of pre-built courses from this robust and well acknowledged platform.

    Adam Youd
    Learning & Development Manager
    Mersey Rail
  • As an organisation it is important to us that our suppliers are committed to helping us achieve our objectives and 3Squared have embraced this ethos, regularly joining our competency governance meetings and inviting us to their cross-industry User Group.

    Melanie Sewell
    Safety & Environment Programme Manager
  • RailSmart EDS is extremely user friendly. It is simple to use, significantly reduces admin time for our assessors, which in turn enables us to be more productive as a Training and Competency Entity. It is widely used by other internal stakeholders who need a snapshot of competency in their area and they can navigate and pull information from the system with ease.

    Daniel Miller
    Head of Training & Competence UK
  • Our industry is highly regulated and RailSmart EDS has enabled us to demonstrate assurance with the Health and Safety Executive. Our safety certificate gives us a license to operate trains and our safety authorisation gives us a license to operate stations. I’m not sure how we would have done it without RailSmart EDS, probably lots of emails and taking them up and down the route!

    Simon Reading
    Driver Team Manager
  • Going paperless is definitely the way forward, improving the environment and our efficiencies. First and foremost, RailSmart EDS has improved our assessors time to plan and undertake in-depth technical and operational assessments whilst automatically updating and maintaining our records which is such game changer.

    Stephen Catterall
    Head of Training & Competence
  • We have been using RailSmart EDS for the last 6 or 7 years and it has made a significant change to our business. Bringing in an electronic system, means we have a better oversight of our competency management arrangement, allows us to work with teams and provides all records in front of us on screen.

    Melanie Sewell
    Safety & Environment Programme Manager