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Accelerate your learning strategy and drive business outcomes

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Why RailSmart Virtual Campus?

RailSmart Virtual Campus  allows you to align the needs of your organisation with those of your learners with an LMS that uses learning-specific Artificial Intelligence algorithms to produce deeper and more effective learning  experiences.

Reduce learning and development costs

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RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot
RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot

Cut down onboarding time for employees

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Increase knowledge retention and improve performance

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RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot
RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot

Maintain compliance and track learner performance

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Leverage artificial intelligence to free up time for learning and development administrators

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RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot
RailSmart Virtual Campus on Screen

Discover, coach and share

Discover, coach and share brings social learning and content curation into a single, cohesive solution to provide a learning experience like no other.

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A single place to ask questions

Give all your staff a single place to ask questions to your organisation’s experts in real-time, encourage knowledge sharing, and drive collaborative learning.

Let your experts shine

Let your organisation’s best performers share their knowledge. Capture insights and push out informal learning for others to learn in discussion forums, replicating the way information is shared on social media.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot
RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot

Leverage informal content

You and your employees decide what skills to develop and the learning management system serves up related learning content to drive engagement and personal growth. See your most engaged learners in leaderboards and turn Q&A threads into engaging discussion boards.

Drive business productivity

Encourage user generated content to drive revenue. Record your webcam during webinars or screen recorded demos, sales calls, success stories, strategies, and more, directly in the learning management system.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot
RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot

Share knowledge across your business

Give your workforce the collaboration tools they need to capture, share, and discover curated knowledge through social interactions across your organisation, in a matter of minutes. Use microlearning to really make it stick!

Accessible at the point of need

Put information in your learner’s hands whenever and wherever they need it – through desktop or mobile learning – and share information across remote teams within your social learning solution.

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Product features

Search and discover with AI

Powers your onboarding efforts and ignites employee growth by giving you
a learning ecosystem to centralise, organise and distribute courses, track
certifications and measure results. Powered by artificial intelligence, RailSmart VC automatically tags your content to produce deeper search results, while deep global search makes it easier for your learners to discover content that means something to them.

Uses the latest technology

RailSmart Virtual Campus seamlessly scales to meet the evolving needs of organisations of any size. Railsmart’s progressive suite of apps and features adapts to your unique needs, scaling as learning projects become more sophisticated. By employing the latest technology available, RailSmart Virtual Campus guarantees enterprise-grade network performance, scalability and elasticity.

Automates administration tasks

Cuts tedious and error-prone admin tasks by automating them to give learning admins more time for other valuable activities. Define rules, let the system do the work, and don’t worry about enrolling users manually ever again.

Improved visibility and monitoring

My Team gives managers unprecedented access to directly monitor their team’s learning activities and address overdue certifications. Alleviate pressures on L&D admins by giving managers a way to assign, enroll or suggest team members
relevant learning assets directly.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Screen Shot

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