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Why use our RailSmart Virtual Campus solution?

RailSmart Virtual Campus (powered by Docebo) allows you to align your business strategy with those of your employees and wider business network to drive learning outcomes. One of the key advantages of the Railsmart Virtual Campus solution is the highly customisable interface. Allowing your administrators to easily reflect your preferred corporate branding (logos etc) as well as page menus and a general layout to ensure maximum impact and fluid navigation for your learners.

Combining key areas such as compliance and general development, our multi-award winning LMS uses learning-specific techniques such as Artificial Intelligence algorithms to allow tailored, deeper and more effective learning experiences.

Any job, any role, anywhere.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Maintain Compliance Screen

Maintain compliance and track learner performance

Reduce the administrative side of compliance, whilst gaining full traceability for the regulator. Design pathways, catalogues, and channels to drive your compliance agenda. Continuously monitor staff members’ performance and improve training and development (including the automation of both initial certification and renewal) in a structured way. Furthermore, analytics options allow you to keep track of learning progress by filtering data using dates, employees, teams, roles, and locations.

Increase knowledge retention and improve performance

Learning is broken down into manageable sections, with opportunities to reflect at every stage. Gamification and social learning elements help to better engage users by making the learning process interactive and more enjoyable. Personalised learning experiences ensure the appropriate content and learning pathways are intelligently surfaced to the user. Learning in this way helps embed knowledge, encourage regular engagement and enhance workplace performance in the short, medium and long-term.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Learner Home Page Screen - Yorkshire Rail
RailSmart Virtual Consolidate and Streamline Screen

Consolidate and streamline your key content

RailSmart Virtual Campus includes optional, market leading eLearning/content libraries (around 100,000 items), as well as the ability to upload your existing learning assets in a variety of formats as required. This, in turn, allows the platform to become a centralised learning and compliance hub, delivered through a single interface.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Social Learning Screen

Social learning

Social learning and content curation is a core and cohesive part of the RailSmart Virtual Campus solution. Provide your learners an experience like no other with a single place to ask questions of your organisation’s experts in real-time, encourage knowledge sharing, peer-to-peer recommendations and drive collaborative learning. View full benefits of this feature below.

Wider engagement strategies

Additional standard features such as gamification, leaderboards, reward shops and more allow for the seamless inclusion of wider incentives into your learning programmes. This can help promote repeat engagement and a healthy competitive spirit at a departmental or wider level.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Wider Engagement Screen
RailSmart Virtual Campus Personal Pathways Screen

Personal development pathways

Allow your learners to set and monitor their personal development in key areas. Up to 10,000 pre-set skills are available as standard for learners to allocate, with the ability to supplement from your HCM or equivalent as appropriate. A great way to monitor the soft skills team members are developing.

Personal learning dashboard

Provide a personalised learning dashboard for each individual to have a consolidated view of their learning progress and outstanding actions. RailSmart Virtual Campus also allows administrations and Power Users access to a global and focused view of the overall learning progress of their organisation.

RailSmart Virtual Personal Learning Dashboard Screen
RailSmart Virtual Campus Onboarding Screen - Yorkshire Rail

Improve your onboarding experience

One of the key areas in which RailSmart Virtual Campus can benefit your organisation is getting new staff members up to speed quickly and efficiently. Provide blended learning (both webinar and in-person training) whilst streamlining internal processes for both new and existing employees with automated assignments and reminders, which alleviate the burden of time-consuming paperwork, ensuring fast delivery of your rail industry training.

Furthermore, RailSmart Virtual Campus isn’t limited to just your employees, you can set up and administer key external contacts such as third-party contractors and partners to ensure full alignment of your LMS strategy and rollout.

Minimise your administrative overheads

Our RailSmart Virtual Campus solution utilises the latest technology to make life easier for those overseeing learning and development programmes.

Features include, but are not limited to, the ability to consolidate all of your learning assets into one place, as well as automated, customised learning paths and catalogues based on the needs of your business, e.g. an employee’s role.

In addition to this, our solution offers a customisable interface, with robust reporting and tracking at your fingertips. Use desktop, mobile or offline modes to maximise reach and offer flexibility for every audience.

RailSmart Virtual Campus Minimise your admin Screen
RailSmart Virtual Campus Integration Capabilities Screen

Integration capabilities

Our RailSmart Virtual Campus platform includes strong integration options, allowing it to interface to your corporate systems through the readily available, open APIs. As part of this, seamless integration will allow assessors to pull information from RailSmart Virtual Campus into EDS on a single canvas. See learning progress, course scores, certificates and more either from within EDS or the learning management interface. Draw on the benefits of seeing competency assessments alongside learning data for the first time to make training and development discussions more meaningful.

Secure and scalable solution

RailSmart Virtual Campus offers peace of mind that your learning strategy can be developed and delivered on a secure, SAAS based platform. The appropriate safeguards are provided as standard, including secure AWS hosting, ISO certification and options for data centre residency (subject to your geography) etc.

RailSmart Virtual Secure and Scalable Screen

RailSmart Virtual Campus features

Search and discover with AI

Powers your onboarding efforts and ignites employee growth by giving you
a learning ecosystem to centralise, organise and distribute courses, track
certifications and measure results.

Uses the latest technology

RailSmart Virtual Campus seamlessly scales to meet the evolving needs of organisations of any size. Railsmart Virtual Campus progressive suite of apps and features adapts to your unique needs, scaling as learning projects become more sophisticated.

Automated admin tasks

Cuts tedious and error-prone admin tasks by automating them to give learning admins more time for other valuable activities. Define rules, let the rail learning management system do the work, and don’t worry about enrolling users manually ever again.

Improved visibility and monitoring

The RailSmart Virtual Campus ‘My Team View’ gives managers unprecedented access to directly monitor their team’s learning activities and address overdue certifications.

Reduced learning costs

Avoid the costs associated with in-person learning. Our RailSmart Virtual Campus e-learning solutions eliminate venue hire, accommodation, and trainer fees. Staff can train as needed, either from their desks or while out and about, reducing time spent away from work.

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