Building an effective learning journey with 3Squared’s RailSmart Virtual Campus  

Learning and refining employee skills and capabilities is pivotal to organisational improvement. This ethos thrives within 3Squared and was a key driver behind the creation of the RailSmart Virtual Campus, an effective learning management system (LMS). 

An efficient learning culture not only enhances the skills and knowledge of employees, but it also empowers them to take ownership of their personal and professional development. This is turn results in increased job satisfaction, motivation, and productivity.  

Powered by the market leading, award winning LMS from Docebo, RailSmart Virtual Campus is a cutting-edge system that supports learning delivery and engagement, designed by 3Squared with rail and transportation industries in mind.  

The overarching objective of the LMS is to align business strategies with employee training and development goals. Partly as a result of remote working in recent years, LMS’ have faced a huge surge in usage, and have therefore proven how adaptable they are with the requirements of today’s digitalised world. 

Why choose to use a Learning Management System? 

A good LMS provides users with a wide range of benefits; from reducing unnecessary administrative burdens, to improving accessibility and adapting to the modern ways of working and empowering businesses to provide enhanced training and development for their leaners.  

There are two types of LMS users – administrators and learners. Administrators are responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a range of tasks including course management, assigning specific learner groups to specific learner plans, and more. 

Learners are on the receiving end of learning initiatives. Learners who have access to an LMS can view their course information, complete assigned courses and evaluations and measure their own progress. The optimum LMS solution ensures that this access has a streamlined user journey and prioritises accessibility and ease. 

An effective LMS offers a range of uses from customer training and employee onboarding and development, through to compliance training and more. This, combined with an accessible, user-friendly experience, makes it a sensible decision to instil and integrate an effective learning management system within your business. 

Enhance the e-learning experience  

More modern technological systems evolve alongside us, learning our patterns and behaviours, adapting to our requirements and needs. The RailSmart Virtual Campus does precisely this. By utilising gamification and social learning, an interactive and enjoyable learning experience is created for users. Through a personalised learning dashboard, the LMS ensures that knowledge is embedded, and workplace performance is enhanced.  

The centralised knowledge hub offers a vast library of learning content (up to 100,00 items) and the ability to upload a variety of learning resources. The system also provides a combination of webinar and in-person training, making it easier for new and existing, in-person and remote employees, to learn and adapt.  

RailSmart Virtual Campus key features 

Solving problems through innovation was a key motivator behind the creation of RailSmart during its inception and is something that continues to be of key importance today.  

This has informed the key features of the RailSmart Virtual Campus, which include: 

  • A customisable system that caters to specific needs, ensuring scalability as learning projects become increasingly advanced.  
  • Streamline and simplify administrative tasks through automation.  
  • The ‘My Team View’ feature empowers managers with exclusive access to monitor their team’s learning activities and take immediate action of any overdue certifications.  
  • Remote training – employees can train from their desks or on the go, minimising time away from their work responsibilities.  
  • The LMS is built on a secure SaaS infrastructure, ensuring the highest level of safety for users. Industry-standard safeguards and the ability to choose data centres residency options based on your location.  

Taking all the above and combining it into one holistic system has been no mean feat. However, 3Squared have precisely achieved this, making the RailSmart Virtual Campus the ultimate go-to LMS platform that meets the rapidly evolving learning and compliance needs of the transportation sector.  

Adam Youd, Learning and Development Manager at Merseyrail, reflects on their use of the LMS to date: “Partnering with 3Squared for our competency management solution EDS, gave us every confidence in choosing their newly released RailSmart Virtual Campus as our LMS. We are looking forward to accessing the comprehensive catalogue of pre-built courses from this robust and well acknowledged platform.”  

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