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An insight into 3Squared’s RailSmart Virtual Campus

As we prepare to launch a new version of our RailSmart Virtual Campus Learning Management System (LMS), we’ve taken the time to pause and explore what the importance of an LMS is, understand the benefits such a system provides and how RailSmart users can reap the many benefits of a modern LMS.

What is a Learning Management System?

In essence, a learning management system (LMS) is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, and delivery of courses, programmes, materials or learning and development programme.  LMS’ have faced a huge surge in usage since the shift to remote working post pandemic.

LMS’ provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing unnecessary administrative burdens, to improving accessibility and adapting to the modern ways of working, which many of us are becoming accustomed to and empower businesses to provide enhanced training and development for their learners.

There are two types of LMS users – administrators and learners. Administrators are responsible for managing the LMS, which involves a range of tasks including course management, assigning specific learner groups to specific learner plans, and more.

Learners are on the receiving end of learning initiatives. Learners who have access to an LMS can view their course information, complete assigned courses and evaluations and measure their own progress. The optimum LMS solution ensures that this access has a streamlined user journey, that is accessible and easy to use.

An effective LMS offers a range of uses from customer training to employee onboarding and development, through to compliance training and more. This combined with an accessible, user-friendly experience, makes it a sensible decision to instil and integrate an effective learning management system within your business.

Making the switch

To capitalise on the benefits 3Squared are set to launch a new version of RailSmart Learning Management System using SaaS (Software as a Service) LMS leader Docebo’s Learn platform. There are many reasons behind the refresh, with the primary driver being the provision of a much better user experience and enhanced customisation for clients and end users.

The new system is much more flexible for different learning paths based on various roles and provides mobile and offline modes, enhancing accessibility. The new LMS also provides robust and detailed management reporting, reducing administrative burdens and onerous tasks.

Unique ‘gamification’ and social learning opportunities also exist within the revamped platform. There is also the scope for a seamless embedded user experience available to managers with access to RailSmart Employee Development System (EDS), who will be able to directly access information from the LMS within EDS. There is also the option for users to provide automated assignments and reminders to learners and through its technology, give enhanced support to EDS customers for usually laborious processes such as user provisioning.

Finally, the new solution is backed by a market leading content library that allows clients to choose from a range of over 20,000 courses across a wide range of subject categories.

If you would be interested in finding out more information about how the RailSmart Virtual Campus LMS can support you, get in touch with Jason Greig today via [email protected].

3Squared Parent Company Rebrands as Velociti Group

Velociti launch graphic.

Velociti launch graphic.

3Squared are delighted to announce today, that UK-based EPM Transport Solutions, transport technology specialists and parent company of EPM Bus Solutions, Omnibus Solutions, 3Squared, and FabDigital has announced it has rebranded to Velociti Group.

The rebranding is an exciting step in establishing a brand-new identity for the group which reflects its aim to better communicate its purpose to deliver innovative software and specialist consultancy to power public transportation.

With the future at the forefront of the groups overarching purpose, the Velociti Group have illustrated their ambitions with the message ‘The Future. Accelerated.’ The new group identity embodies a dynamic, agile and energetic approach, bringing a fresh new enthusiasm and ambition to the rail and bus transport sectors.

The group’s businesses will continue to provide pioneering technology and a first-class approach to implementation that can help solve industry challenges and drive the transport sector forward in a way that creates an improved and greener future for customers, operators, and infrastructure owners.

Ian Churchill, CEO at Velociti Group, commented: “We are delighted to launch Velociti Group, a new name and vibrant identity that effectively embodies us as a group and our aim for the transport sector. Velociti Group encompasses a wealth of heritage and ambition from across the rail and bus sectors and we are pleased to reflect this in our new brand.”

“Velociti Group companies will continue to operate as individual entities while the new Group identity will bring them together as a collective, with the combined aim of creating a better future for forward-thinking businesses seeking to improve outcomes in rail and bus transport.”

To find out more about The Velociti Group please visit: Home – Velociti Group (velociti-group.co.uk)

Supporting rail safety through innovation at 3Squared

Everyone home safe every day 

Health and safety lie at the heart of the rail industry.  Network Rail’s Safety Vision is as follows: “We want everyone to get home safely every day – our colleagues, passengers, suppliers, lineside neighbours, communities, in fact anyone who lives, works or goes near our railway.” 

To mark World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2023, we want to investigate what innovation and technology can do to support the safety of our industry. We aim to create and implement solutions that make a positive impact on the rail network’s day-to-day operations, and it goes without saying safety is imperative.  

Our team is comprised of industry-leading specialists, enthusiastic about keeping the rail industry moving and innovating. Our vision is geared towards the creation of a greener, digital rail network, that runs safely, efficiently and on time. 


Competency management 

Effective competency management is central to health and safety. It ensures the right people have the right skills and experience to get the job done safely and to the highest standard.  

Our competency management solution EDS (Employee Development System) has delivered tangible results for a diverse selection of organisations, including London North Eastern Railway (LNER), East Midlands Railway (EMR), Alstom, and more. 

Through an efficient digital-based system, users can reduce incident rates and overall lower business risk. Our solution acts as a digital hub of information which can be accessed at the office, onboard rolling stock, onsite and beyond. EDS enables clear organisation and oversight for users, creating a smoother process which drives significant operational improvements. This system drastically saves time and reduces the administrative burden of compliance.  

Rail industry organisations like LNER have seen improvements in safety and performance since implementing EDS. In Simon Reading’s role as Driver Team Manager at LNER he reports, “as RailSmart EDS is an electronic system, I always have information at hand and can look at competency with ease.” 

EDS also supports your team’s development, enabling easy monitoring of skills, certificates and training. Interactions, from assessments to e-learning can all be inputted and examined.  


Fatigue management  

Fatigue management is a central aspect of health and safety. At the end of last year, the Network Rail standard NR/L2/OHS/003 was updated. Ensuring compliance is key, and through effective monitoring, this can be easy and efficient.  

Reducing the risk of fatigue is a central way to support your team’s health and wellbeing. Fatigue refers to the feeling of tiredness, both mental and physical, and feeling worn out. Ensuring enough time for rest and sleep as well as upholding work life balance is central to effective fatigue management.  

At 3Squared, our technology is designed to support the delivery of safe operations. We enable you to keep passengers and staff safe, through technology with identifies and mitigates risks.  

Our RailSmart ORS system enables effective resource planning and helps optimise rostering to combat challenges with fatigue. At a base level and a weekly level, with ORS users clearly see fatigue and risk levels for all employees based on actuals. 


Ultimately, innovative technology can play a key role in enabling safety across the rail network. To discover more about our solutions that support health and safety across the industry, get in touch and book a demo with our expert team. 

Digital Connectivity: what it means for Sheffield and beyond

An innovative city

Sheffield has always been a forward-thinking, innovative city, and we are proud to call it our home. From the city’s history as a steel producer, to the thriving community of SMEs, Sheffield has a rich history of innovation. Digital connectivity and its underpinning infrastructure support businesses and people in a myriad of ways, from remote working to travelling, streaming and more.

Shifting digital trends

The latest data from the government illustrates widespread internet usage across the UK, with 92% of adults in the UK regularly using the internet and the proportion of over 75-year-olds regularly accessing the internet nearly doubling between 2013 to 2020 – no doubt expanding further since this data was released in 2021.

Connectivity and usage have unquestionably been impacted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ve seen trends for typical consumers shifting online, with the growth of platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, as well as the expansion of social media platforms like TikTok. Ofcom reports that ‘UK adults are now spending more than a quarter of their waking day online – the highest on record’.

Across industries such as our own, we’ve seen similar shifts reflected. Most notably, the move to remote working, with ONS reporting that between 2019 and 2022 ‘home working in the UK has more than doubled’.

Within the rail industry and wider transport sector, digitalisation and the ‘digital railway’ has been a key focus of discussion and development. Major infrastructure projects such as the East Coast Digital Programme (ECDP), a project in which we are proudly involved in, are integrating digitalisation and innovative technology.

With these trends in mind, building world-class digital infrastructure to support people and businesses in Sheffield, South Yorkshire and across the UK has never been more important.

‘Powering connectivity in Sheffield’ roundtable

In February, our Technical Services Director, Ross Bray, was part of the ‘Powering connectivity in Sheffield’ roundtable hosted by ITS Technology and Insider.

The roundtable’s focus was directed on ‘Sheffield’s vision for a world-class digital infrastructure underpinned by high-quality, futureproof full fibre services’, and brought together representatives from the city’s digital space, as well as the more traditional industries that Sheffield is known for.

It was certainly interesting to hear a broad range of perspectives from Sheffield businesses. For instance, manufacturing company Gripple shared the challenges they face in the manufacturing sector. It was clear that no matter our size, sector or location, we face a central challenge: how to connect people better.

Technical Services Director, Ross witnesses the tangible benefits digital connectivity can provide on a daily basis, whether that is in the solutions 3Squared delivers, or the ability to work from home whilst staying connected with the team.

Ross’s career path has meant he has always been an advocate for digital connectivity and the benefits it provides, even prior to joining our team.

Ross and the rest of the 3Squared team are eager to see the growth and change that connectivity can have for Sheffield-based businesses like ours, as well as for people across Yorkshire.

The new way of working

The digital world we live in impacts the way businesses work internally, as well as the way we collaborate with other organisations.

Instead of complicated logistics and hours of travel, we can connect online at the click of a button. This enables more efficient, effective communication across businesses and clients, changing the face of project delivery. It also enables more opportunities to engage with people.

Remote working can empower people to join the workforce, including parents and people with disabilities, which supports equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI). We pride ourselves on offering more opportunities in Sheffield, such as through our partnership with Sheffield Hallam University. We are also excited to get involved with new projects supporting EDI in the fields of technology, innovation and rail.

From the roundtable discussion, it is certain that the hybrid approach we and many other businesses take is here to stay. Nevertheless, we all require the necessary infrastructure to successfully support this new way of working.

The digital railway

Here at 3Squared, we know that digital connectivity underpins everything – from developing software to putting it into action.

Digital solutions for the rail industry require data, and a lot of it. To maximise the benefits of our solutions, we need to share huge amounts of data with a diverse set of people located across the country.

Real-time data collection will play a pivotal role in the future of the rail industry. The insights coupled with such data will improve performance, efficiency, safety, and sustainability.

To make this future rail network a reality as with the new way of working, we require this same effective digital connectivity infrastructure across the UK.

We would like to thank ITS Technology and Insider Media for hosting the insightful roundtable and the Sheffield business community representatives for a great discussion.


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Making the complex simple – An insight by Sean Twycross

Graphic with post title 'Making the complex simple' with photo of Sean Twycross

An insight by Sean Twycross, Head of Delivery at 3Squared:

My 3Squared journey so far

I joined the business back in 2015 from the port industry as a Project Manager tasked with supporting a wide breadth of projects across the business. Two years later, I was promoted to Senior Project Manager. Now in my role of Head of Delivery, I am responsible for the part of the product journey that ensures 3Squared continues to deliver market-leading products, advancements and software solutions that are the best fit for each customer.

Photo of Sean Twycross, Head of Delivery at 3Squared

Sean Twycross, Head of Delivery at 3Squared

Over the last 8 years, I have been part of 3Squared’s extraordinary rise from providing a variety of industry software solutions, to solidifying our presence and becoming the go-to software company for the rail industry. A good example of that is RailSmart which has grown from one software solution into a comprehensive suite of six core rail industry applications. With our parent company EPM spearheading the vision for the transport business across the board, 3Squared is equipped to continually develop products of quality and strength in the rail industry.

No day is ever the same

I am inspired by the forward-thinking structure of the business which integrates not only product development but also customer experience, with a dedicated Customer Success team.

My role is a holistic one so involves working with my colleagues across our departments. We achieve a balance of workflow that delivers the solutions on time, and we then follow that up with ongoing customer support. The Customer Success team ensures that customers are helped with making the best use of all the application features and receive ongoing support.

Operating in an ambitious and diverse industry

The rail industry is a fascinating context in which to apply software solutions. Our product development must match the ambitions and real-life challenges that specialists on the ground making ambitious and diverse improvements to the rail system have.

As Head of Delivery, I am always bringing our activity and decision-making back to the fundamentals of delivering value, quality and enhancements that are viable and relevant.

The scope of each project is dependent on what is going on externally, and client communication (online and face-to-face) is of paramount importance to guarantee the overall success of a project. Planning is key here; at project kick-off meetings product owners and the development team agree upon exactly what work will be accomplished during the ‘sprint’, and as a team, we commit to those deliverables within a set time period.

The project sponsor has trusted us to deliver something that will bring tangible benefits to their business, and we take that seriously. Our project managers are there to make sure clients are informed every step of the way and that implementation dates are managed effectively. We need to help our customer make changes within their businesses, and we are passionate about them being successful.


One of the common things we come across in the software industry is providing solutions that give too much complexity without addressing the core need. As we develop solutions, we validate the problem each application function resolves. Pairing back application design and build is an art and science, and this is something I am proud to be part of. Collectively at 3Squared we excel at this and sustain high levels of quality solutions for our customers due to this approach. It is our job to make the complex as simple as possible.

Supporting the wider business

A key function of the team is to work across the business and ensure that projects are progressing and maintain continuous communication with clients, to keep them up to date on their project’s progress.

Project management is often cited as the ‘backbone’ of the business, and the department that ensures the business delivers profitable projects. The team works hard to ensure that forecasting is succinct and that the business can take on more projects and hire additional resource where necessary.

The world of rail technology is constantly evolving and always driving forward. It is an exciting industry in which to work, and one which I would fully endorse to anybody who is interested in making a career.


To find out more about 3Squared and how we can support your digital transformation, contact us today. 

3Squared’s media insights, January 2023

Monthly media insight graphic for January 2023 with a photo of Martin Gleadow.

January 2023 has come to a close, giving us the perfect opportunity to consider the month’s news alongside the rail industry’s headlines as 2022 concluded. The last few months of 2022 saw key events for the rail industry, from the climate change conference COP27 in November to announcements on Control Period 7 funding from Network Rail.

Photo of Martin Gleadow, Head of Customer Success at 3Squared.

Martin Gleadow, Head of Customer Success at 3Squared

Martin Gleadow, Head of Customer Success at 3Squared, reflects on these news stories making the headlines in the industry:

“As we advocate for rail as an essential element of our transport system and key to a greener network, it’s great to see other benefits of rail highlighted in the media, such as the GTR research that has revealed that travelling into the office by rail more regularly could boost wellbeing through regular micro interactions with others, the chance to read or listen to podcasts, and more. Here at 3Squared, it turns out that over 50% of our team regularly travel into the office by train and tram!

“A theme that has stood out throughout 2022 and running into 2023 is sustainability. Enabling a greener railway is at the forefront of the industry agenda and is a key priority for us at 3Squared. Innovation and investment in greener transportation, like rail, is key to creating a more environmentally friendly, transport system and society at large.

“Research from Trainline also reveals that business travellers want to make greener choices and ‘increase use of lower carbon modes of transport’ which is promising news.

“As we at 3Squared continue to develop specialist rail solutions, Net Zero and sustainability remain front of mind. This year one of our key focuses is PathPlanner, a tool designed to help overcome rail freight capacity challenges, enabling freight services to run more flexibly and efficiently. This is a solution that can help facilitate the modal shift from road to the more environmentally friendly rail.

“It’s been exciting to see other innovators enabling change in the industry, such as Varamis Rail, the UK’s first electric-only rail freight operator, who have started to transport parcels more sustainably.

“Tying into sustainability is another theme: the digital railway. Throughout 2022 and into 2023, we’ve seen numerous advancements in creating the digital railway of the future. From new digital displays at Doncaster, to progress on the East Coast Digital Programme (ECDP), it’s clear digitalisation is here to stay.

“On a wider industry level, we’ve seen funding announced for Network Rail’s Control Period 7 (CP7), and discussions around the social, environmental and commercial innovations planned for CP7. Research informing plans for CP7 shows that as we move into the new year, passengers are prioritising ‘value for money, reliability and punctuality’. We look forward to seeing more of these innovations in action in the next few years.

“Alongside funding information, we’ve seen calls for clarity in terms of several major infrastructure projects, including Stonehenge Tunnel, HS2 and Northern Powerhouse Rail, so it will be interesting to see how this progresses this year. Large infrastructure projects like HS2, which we have had the privilege of working on, have reported key milestones recently, such as completing the world’s longest bridge slide.

“Another project that we have been involved with, the East Coast Digital Programme (ECDP), developed throughout 2022 and we look forward to seeing further progress this year, especially given the enhancements to sustainability and connectivity.

“Other organisations have reached important milestones in 2023, such as LNER which recently marked its 100th year, and the London Underground, which celebrate its 160th year. Membership body Rail Forum is also celebrating an anniversary this year, having been established 30 years ago.

“When it comes to regional rail news, the Midlands Rail hub was announced at the back end of last year, with an aim to bring greater connectivity to the region and was described as the ‘biggest step possible in levelling-up the Midlands’.

“Finally, we’ve also seen some exciting news from clients and collaborators in January, including Merseyrail’s new Stadler fleet entering the network. Both Merseyrail and Stadler use our competency management system RailSmart EDS, which improves visibility, minimises risk and reduces the cost of compliance management.

“Thanks for reading this issue of 3Squared’s media insights, we will be sharing more insights soon.”


If you would like to hear more from the 3Squared team on how we can support your business, get in touch today.