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Effective communications solutions

The dream of the connected railway, that would deliver better communications, improved safety, and efficient operations is something we at 3Squared believe in and are working towards. To achieve this the wider integration of modern and ‘joined-up’ information and communications technology needs to be adopted sooner, rather than later.

RailSmart EDS on laptop and tablet

Our RailSmart suite of products

Our RailSmart suite of products has been created with the industry’s need for information and communication in mind. We have created a system that enables its users to seamlessly distribute documents and communicate time-sensitive information.  The system allows users to create checklists, reports, and forms, and push out important alerts and safety critical notices.

Standardise and improve the way you work

Our applications enable organisations to standardise and improve the way they record, distribute, and manage information. They are designed specifically to support the needs of railway operators, to safeguard safety and streamline communications processes.

Staff using 3Squared safety and compliance software
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Technology designed to elevate your operations

  • Organise and distribute: Flexible configuration allows you to organise files into folders or group them by depots, regions, teams, or in any hierarchy that suits your business process.
  • Track engagement: Easily see who has received documents, request read receipts and manual acknowledgements for time-sensitive or safety-related information.
  • Version control: When using RailSmart, you can be sure that employees always have access to the latest version of documents.
  • Flexible working: Our solutions are ideal for remote locations with limited or no internet connectivity, documents can be viewed and stored on mobile devices when offline or on-site.

Find the effective communication solution best suited to your needs

RailSmart DFH

Collect data from staff & ensure awareness with secure document communication.

RailSmart IFM

Effective incident management for rail professionals.

RailSmart MCA

Train preparation and dispatch goes digital.

RailSmart IMS

Keep track of incidents, faults, stranded trains and more.

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