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Operations and performance solutions

Technology has revolutionised all sectors of the transport industry, from aviation to automotive, overhauling their operations and performance in a significantly positive way. Our solutions help support your digital railway strategy as the industry transitions into the future.

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Adopting new technologies

Despite the passion of those working in the industry, the rail sector still has progress to make as it moves towards a digital railway. By adopting new technologies and fully utilising them, this will ensure efficient operations and better performance across the entire rail network.

Providing the industry with technology

Here at 3Squared, we believe in providing the industry with technology-enabled tools to track, analyse, report, and ultimately improve rail operations and performance. From our Mobile Train Consisting solution to our tablet-based Driver Advisory System, we have created a suite of products geared towards a digital railway that ensure operations and performance run smoothly and efficiently.

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Technology designed to elevate your digital rail operations

  • Improve train regulation: We create technology that provides drivers with the right information at the right time, enabling them to determine how best to regulate the train.
  • Actionable insights: Our detailed route-specific information is delivered quickly and directly to drivers, empowering them to make informed decisions to help with timetable compliance.
  • Provide relevant updates: Drivers can report rail head conditions from directly within their app, enabling near-live time reports to be disseminated across the business.
  • Damage prevention: Our tools help to reduce wheel flats, rail head damage and other defects which make a negative impact on the day-to-day running of the network.

What is the Digital railway strategy?

The UK rail network faces a number of challenges. At peak times, the busiest parts of the network are overcrowded as the infrastructure that is largely Victorian struggles to cope with the increase in passengers and freight. This results in slower journeys and the increased likelihood of trains running late.  

The UK’s rail network has an important role in helping support sustainable economic growth. It helps to quickly move large numbers of passengers and goods around the country and to international transport hubs in a safe manner. 

With the increased demands the rail network is under and the continued growth it’s expected to see, this is creating a number of challenges for the industry. As it’s being stretched beyond capacity, the rail network needs to look at digital rail solutions to help increase efficiency and performance. 

The digital railway strategy aims to help with the deployment of digital solutions in areas that will have the biggest value on the rail industry. Upgrading traditional signalling to digital signalling and fully utilising digital rail software will lead to improved communication and performance, heightened safety measures for passengers and workers, and the ability for the rail network to efficiently handle the increased capacity. This will directly improve timetable compliance helping trains to run on time whilst also being more energy efficient as they’ll be able to travel at the optimum speed to reach timing points correctly. 

Our rail solutions are having a positive impact on the digital railway strategy with bespoke options available to suit any situation.

Find the operations & performance solutions best suited to your needs

RailSmart DFH

Collect data from staff & ensure awareness with secure document communication.

RailSmart IFM

Effective incident management for rail professionals.

RailSmart ORS

Effective resource planning, rostering and optimisation.

RailSmart RCM

Remote condition monitoring to support effective rolling stock management.

RailSmart MCA

Train preparation and dispatch goes digital.

RailSmart Co-Pilot

Keep drivers up to date in the cab with the mobile train information system.


Predictive digital management of busy freight yards moving aggregates and other bulk cargo.

RailSmart Virtual Campus

Deliver and track scalable, online learning experiences with a rail LMS that engages your employees.

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