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Employee Development System

Competency Management made easy.

Affordable. Quick setup. Simple to use.



  1. Builds a complete picture of the competence of your organisation, team or department

  2. Increased flexibility and rapid, accurate assesments with the mobile app

  3. Has been shown to reduce operational incidents by over 20%

  4. Improves the overall competence of your staff through proactive assessments and development

  5. Reduces the administrative burden of safety and compliance by as much as 80%


  1. Manage competencies for all of your employees

  2. Perform planned or adhoc assessments 24/7 with the EDS mobile app

  3. Manage employee training, incidents and support plans

  4. Create reports by department, role or team

  5. Read-only access for employee’s to view their profiles

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February 18, 2021

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