Harnessing experience and expertise to provide our customers with powerful solutions to their most complex and pressing challenges.

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Transformation Delivered Through Innovation

Emerging technologies have paved the way for new opportunities. Most notably, digital services. We’re unlocking new innovations and accelerating digital solutions to tackle complex challenges that ordinarily may have gone unsolved.

3Squared harnesses its experience and expertise to provide customers with powerful digital services that uncover and solve their most complex and pressing challenges. We put digital at the core of everything we do to help businesses sustainably grow their reach and profits.

We provide innovative digital services to research and build on existing solutions, through systems integration and application modernisation. Or, create entirely new systems through our custom software development, progressive web application and mobile app development services.

Problem Solving

Digital was never designed to sit quietly and stay in line, digital is a means to express and test the limits of what is possible – the same can be said for our digital services. 

We never stop testing, designing, building rail software systems that create added value for our customers, optimising processes, saving money, uncovering new revenue streams – our variety of digital services cater for all that and more.

We Make Digital Work For You

We understand that you can’t just tack on a piece of software and see immediate benefits, digital has to be adopted at the heart of the business. 

Digital can influence processes, report key findings, aggregate data and present visual, custom reports – our digital services work to tap into the inner workings of your business and pinpoint areas for growth.

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